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samsung personalised phone cases

Price: $10
Zipper was metal
Everything is fine except that the length is too long.
My wife love it cause of the over the shoulder strap help her to never forget it
Don't seem to remember the 501s being so tight. They're like skinny pants, but maybe they just need to be broken in, or as others suggest, this is a new cut to appeal to teenagers. My other store-bought pairs of 501s are much looser. These bind up around my knee when I kneel or sit down.

Also, the black jeans can't be washed with other clothes as the colors run in water. Not sure if that's normal. Typically I only encounter that with really cheap clothing.

Quality overall is good, however between the spandex Levi's are slipping into their new jeans and the weird little cuff at the bottom that makes this look like women's apparel, I can't imagine buying this brand again.
The look and fit are great. Happy lenses work great as well. I dont know if its due to too much heat from leaving them in the car/boat but lenses seem to have a small cracks/scratches in the corners. Only cause could be too much heat I believe. Because they live in their case.

About 2 months later I received a replacement pair in the mail. They were also polarized but had green lenses instead of black. Works for me.
Fits great and are not too thick. Just what I need.
Definitely as seen in photo! So if you like what you see, buy it !!!
Hanes is always a great product, I bought those to apply our own road trip logo to the shirt. They wash nicely and had no problem with the heat to apply the transfer sheets.
Doesnt fit, way too tight!
Don't know what these are, but they are not Hanes ComfortSoft shirts. The tag has no information, other than 'Hanes'. No listing of the % cotton and % polyester. No tag or marking that says "ComfortSoft". These seriously need to be removed from Amazon.
Wallet is to BIG!
I like the fit of the shirt and it does stay tucked in better. They are comfortable
I purchased these for doing fire clearance. Weed whacking in the hot sun. Definitely a good buy.
Very satisfied
They're great for undershirt use as well as a good summer t-shirt.
They are what I expected.
Wonderful. An outstanding belt. No problems at all. Highly recommended.
Great robe for summer.
Great shorts for hubby! I will be purchasing more in different colors.
Great quality. Love the shape/design- it's big enough to hold essentials like sunglasses, phone, makeup, etc. without being bulky. Don't worry that it's a fake. Most definitely authentic MK.
I purchased these for my 6-year-old granddaughter and she loves them! They appear to be just the right size for her age, very pretty, and good quality.
Came in and I started using them as a face covering at work. I wear glasses and they dont fog up my glasses like other masks.
I'm a latin rythms dancer, and it's always a must, to look classy at the dance floor and be able to perform acrobatic moves with your partner without your shirt getting untucked. I bought this product 4 months ago and it has worked very well. It hasn't popped off not even once and I use it almost every single day with my office daily outfit and my dancing outfits too. The material is comfortable and until now it has endured very difficult tasks. I think this product will lasts for a long time.
My niece loved this purse.
Well made, super fit, 6"4 225lbs,
XLT fit perfectly. Not tight or baggy! Quality all around. Will purchase more from Whitetail
5 stars!
Perfect! And what a time saver to be able to get these through on-line shopping. Physical stores always seem to be "picked through" and short of sizes.
I originally purchased this back in May 2018 and have been using it every day since. Still looks great and has no issue with quality. There is no rubbing, pealing, or tearing. With all the pockets it can hold a lot. Overall very satisfied and would repurchase.
Bought red but came in an orange color. Great size
I bought this for an overseas tour after having shoulder pain when traveling with a heavy. It holds what I want but really it's just like a large purse with a back strap. I like that it looks nice, appears well built and the straps are comfortable and adjustable lengths that stay in place. Ive taken it on one trip so I'm getting use to it as it's my first back pack. So far I like it a lot. I esp like that it opens in the back so a safety feature and I'm noticing that most dont have that. Seems like S zone has a nice product. Wish there was some way to tuck the back straps in when I go places that do t allow backpacks. And maybe safety latches for the zippers but anyone that was trying to quickly grab something would find it hard to pull anything out as I put my billfold in the back and it's not easily accessible.
Great little earrings. Very well made. These have a screw back so great for young or disabled people. Also very sparkly.éChelle