• custom canvas 60 x 80

    custom canvas 60 x 80

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    custom canvas 60 x 80

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    custom canvas 60 x 80

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    custom canvas 60 x 80

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custom canvas 60 x 80

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custom canvas 60 x 80

This works perfectly for me working in 10-30 degree weather, unlike a few others I tried out... when I have my airpods in this does not apply pressure to my ears. Thanks for that!
Overall Id recommend this Ive been using it every day for about a week now and have yet to be disappointed
My son loves it
They were out of the small size so I bought a large and it fits as expected - it's a little bit big for me, but according to other reviewers that's not going to be an issue since it will shrink when I wash/dry it. It's soft and I don't have a lot of complaints with it. The only issue is that the ties are too high up. They're right below my ribs when they should be down by my waste.
Love this product. Going to use in my next office function.
Nice shirt!
These are cargo shorts for people whose significant others don't like cargo shorts. They fit loosely and are long (board short length, just past the knee for me, I am 5'9").

There is a decent sized zippered hidden pocket on the left side. And two good sized regular front pockets, and two zippered rear pockets, which I never use.

The fabric is slick. More like a swim short than a twill short. Although visually I think they look a bit more like a dress pant than anything else. That is fine for me. They are light weight, won't wrinkle and are relatively cool. There is also a bit of stretch to the waist band. I am between a 34 and 36 and got the 36, but probably should have gotten the 34 because of the slight stretch. They stay up fine, but could go a bit smaller.

They are going to be heavy in my standard rotation for the summer.
So far they're working ok.
Ordered 2 pairs looked great
Good quality. Exactly as expected.
Great fitting wife beaters! Soft as well. Many others on Amazon that are much more expensive however these suited me perfectly in every way. Very satisfied and fit like a glove.
My Dad loves his gift, This hat is perfect. It was a little dented in shipping but came out with a little heat.
Not what i expected.
This wallet was well described and is everything I was expecting
Everything I expected. Everything is clearer. Very happy with my purchase.

Robert C. Jacobs
Fast shipping and description is accurate. I love it!! Thank you!
A really lovely, delicate set. The size is great and I look be the chain length.
Great product
I am really happy with this wallet, not a single thing that I don't like.
she loved it
My daughter loved this as her Christmas gift! Many of the white Champion sweatshirts were sold out - I was lucky to find this one in time.
Excellent product
Love it !!!!
Love it!
Gorgeous and held my large laptop. GREAT FIND!
I had to have a white cooling t. It needed to be long due to my needing to wear a brace. It's a bit big. But I got my length and the cooling dry type the Dr wanted thank you.
The look is nice but the snap doesn't stay snapped well. Prefer than that it's nice sized and quality.
Its beautiful!!!!!!
I loved these glasses they sometimes feel like Im not wearing anything
Super convenient and compact. carries exactly what i need!
They are T-shirts they fit thats great