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phone protector case 1 day

It was the perfect green for my wedding
They fit very well, nice and soft.
So comfortable, looks great, easy to adjust.
Bought this slightly lighter, slightly thinner, slightly less expensive version. Liked it a lot. So I proceeded to get this version, it every bit as good as the first one, but just a little thicker than the other. Both are great. Hunting, Hiking, Riding in cold weather - these work, fit really well, seem well made.
First of all it came rolled and the bag is still wrinkled in places. The description boasts that it is made of high quality leather but its actually PU and I just dont think it looks that high quality. It is otherwise roomy and has the side pockets for a water bottle that I am always looking for. Disappointed.
Hoodie does not taper towards the bottom elastic portuon making it blousy. Very thin. Much shorter than a normal hoodie.
This is a poorly manufactured product. I have found glue seeping into one of the slots for credit cards. As a result, it became almost impossible to remove a credit card because the glue had secured it to the slot. I have twice had to remove the glue residue from the card with nail polish remover. Very dissatisfied with this product. Would not make this purchase had I to do it again.
I really enjoy the handbag.
only socks I wear to run, comfortable they are.
Kind of scratchy and definitely not soft
Nice bag. No smell.
Fits fine.
Wish there were more colors.
My one year old daughter seems to get every earring back off, but not these! These work great for kids who fidget with their earrings!
Nice fit and these look great. They hold you and keep you in place just where you need it most.
Love it ! Work grate
Makes wearing a hard hat actually bearable in the summer.
For your information, my order was placed August 2019.

The informational tag (size, brand, country of origin) is a decal that comes off.

I know the picture is kind of gross. But, the color white does not get brighter after wearing.
I purchased this for my boyfriend back in January and its still in great condition. He loves how small and sturdy it is. Its helped him narrow down from
Carrying so many unnecessary cards. He still has this wallet pretty full and it still does the job well. He also like that extra flap to pull out the cards from the inside. Makes it so much easier for him when he needs a card. I totally recommend it!
Roomy without being cavernous. Handles to use when strap isn't convenient. Durable and well constructed
Keeps me warm
Look nice. Feel comfortable. The fabric is not really durable. Fits well. Nice color.
You get what you pay for. They are good glasses but they are cheap, you will understand once you hold them in your hand.
Got a big head? This is the best hat for your big head.
Was exactly as expected. Delivered quickly.
It's okay but now worth the cost.
We love unicorns and this is a super cute tiered skirt with unicorns and cupcakes and rainbows and stars and hearts-- all favorites. The tiered skirt has a nice flounce to it. The navy skort is also cute. The pink one has unicorns!

The fabric is soft and of good quality. The shorts/skorts are even softer.

Not tag-less. That is not usually an issue with skirts/shorts/skorts...
Great quality
I adore this handbag! My son even complimented it!