canvas painting living room

canvas painting living room

canvas painting living room

Starting at $29

Create a window curtain with the author's design! For your room as a gift or for sale. Perfectly made curtains are suitable for any room and will be a bright accent to the interior.

  • Ready to use. Includes (1) tie up curtain with 4 ties at the back
  • 2.5" rod pocket top fits most standard rods
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine washable
  • This product is made on demand
  • Select Size :

    Size" W x L
    46 x 63
    Print Side
    One-sided print
    Print Technique
    Our curtains are printed using full color sublimation dyes, which means that your choice of colors is unlimited and the image quality will be very high
    Transparent clear PVC zip pouch
    Print Specs
    You Buy at
    Your Profit
    You Sell at
    W46"x L63"

    canvas painting living room

    canvas painting living room 14 days

    canvas painting living room from Oct 2 to Oct 7

    canvas painting living room

    Label care and label on the package with your brand.
    canvas painting living room

    I love my purse, its space out and in great condition.
    Great value!
    No se ve como en la foto,
    Great product
    Too loose baggy at ankles
    Fit perfect before I washed them.
    LOVE.....LOVE.....LOVE this purse!!! Very roomie and I have had several compliments in the short period I have had it. I am very pleased with my purchase. For the price it could pass as a top dollar handbag.
    Love this bag! Bought as a gift and ended up ordering one for myself! Its small, cute, and for the price you cant beat it.
    Colors ran in both during first time use of each!!
    Pure garbage. This thing is low quality metal, not thick enough to keep from bending in your pocket, or, you know, the package it is sent to you in. Try to put keys on one of these...I dare you! Like directions? Forget about it, not even a "X number of keys fit on this doohickey"...nothing. Finally got some keys on it, put it in my pocket, went to grab them about an hour later and the entire thing had fallen apart in my pocket...I was pulling out little black washers for hours. This was supposed to help me be more organized and make my keys more comfortable in my pocket, and both of those were a great big NOPE!
    Perfect size and good quality
    Nice wallet for the price. Just the right size and number of card holders. I really like the purple color. Since I just purchased it, I don't know how it will hold up.
    Really nice comfortable feel and fit!
    Very stylish and useful bag!
    Love my new purse!
    Just the right size and color!
    Enjoy using it!
    Love it
    I have the brown Slimfold... The wallet seems to be of good quality so far, and I'm really liking it. I liked the rustic look of the chain, but felt it to be a little too short and light weight, so I used the heavy chrome chain off my previous old wallet. I also like that it fits completely in your jeans back pocket, I don't like the look of half the wallet sticking out. Will hold your essentials, but not much more, but I like to keep my wallet thin anyway... I'd give it 5 stars if the chain was a bit beefier and a little longer...
    Well, the only positive(s) is that these appear rather durable and fit great! However, the big (and I mean BIG) downside is that they are unsafe to ride with. They DRAMATICALLY cut down on your peripheral vision! It's like riding with tunnel vision. I can't see how these were designed by a motorcyclist or with one in mind! Possibly good for skiing where you might not care what's beside you! It would be like driving a car without door windows; whereas all you can lookout of is the windshield! The lens / eye port should be further extended back, and there's plenty of room to do that IMO. What a shame.
    There was no hood.
    My hubby loves these shorts super breathable and a great price
    My granddaughter loves everything softball and as a tween she is difficult to buy for but she loved this!
    I received a pair of Wrangler Authentics Men's Performance Side Elastic Utility Shorts in exchange for an honest review.

    First off the shorts fit somewhat larger than expected. Most of my summer shorts are mid-thigh however these hang right at the knee which is fine and gives me another option for dress casual.

    The 100% polyester material is super soft and comfortable. I received the Carbonite which is a dark grey and the finish is smooth and attractive.

    The closure is a snap instead of a sewn-on button and I really like that. It's so irritating to have a button come off and suddenly you have nothing to hold your shorts up. It does have wide belt loops but I do not wear a belt with shorts.

    The side pockets are roomy. The zippered side pocket sits just below the left side pocket. Both back pockets are zippered.

    The elastic waste band stretches easily and doesn't bind so you can wear these and have a huge dinner and be as comfortable as wearing sweats on Thanksgiving day :D

    The only reason I docked one star is that I would like to see at least ONE of the back pockets not have a zipper. Reaching into zippered pockets is always uncomfortable but I get that the zippers are for security however I would like the option to either zip my wallet/phone or not.
    I like this bag for its color and big opening, plus the inside pocket. It works well for what I need it for, but it doesn't look expensive (I didn't expect it to, it was inexpensive to buy). It's fine for what I paid. I like the multiple color options; nice to have if I want to match with an outfit or change of season.
    Love em I never take em off except for gettin in the shower. The chains are kinda cheap looking but not a big deal. If you put them on longest to shortest they don't get tangled. I even sleep in them.
    Great product, build quality, leather smell, etc. In terms of design, I transferred about 80% my traditional huge wallet to this one (don't really need to carry around the other 20%).
    I just ordered some of these, less than a month ago, and decided to get some more because I liked them a lot. They were good thick, well made t-shirts that fit great. Amazon makes it easy to re-order the same thing and that's what I did, only the shirts have CHANGED. Much THINNER and CHEAPER material. Nothing like the previous "Ultra Cotton" I've grown to love. So, I thought it just might be a mistake, so I immediately re-ordered more, and SAME THING. CRAP SHIRTS. They have a "Gildan" "Ultra Cotton" label on them, but no way would I consider these a thick, premium style of t-shirt. I don't know it these are "knock offs" ?? or they just decided to substitute inferior materials to save a buck?! ...but now I have TWO returns to make and I need to find a good replacement t-shirt. Very frustrating and disappointed!
    This product works well for what it was made for.
    You can trim it to make it fit. Its been good so far
    As always top quality heavy duty material, well made