canvas painting for toddlers

canvas painting for toddlers

Square poster, 10"x10"


Square poster, 12"x12"


Square poster, 14"x14"


Square poster, 16"x16"


Square poster, 18"x18"


Cute comfy priced well
Sizes run small
Gave this as a gift.......she loves it.
This wallet is a KEEPER right out of the package. Easy to place and retrieve cards as well as well soft and comfortable. You will not be disappointed with this purchase!!
runs small, plus really thin material
Look good
I wanted to wait a little while before submitting a review so I can find out how well these socks hold up over time. I saw a lot of reviewers mention that the quality of what they have received recently was not as good as before in the past. For me, I have found that these work just as well as previously. I've had these socks over the years and my most recent set is almost a year old and still holding up well.

Actually, even after being on my feet for 10+ hours/day and washing these over and over again they still hold up. These are thick enough to give padding but not too thick to cramp your shoes. They seem to wick away moisture quite well, better than almost any other sock I have used. I think these socks also keep your feet warm in mildly cold temperatures.

One of the only negative aspects I have found is that they loosen up around the ankle after hundreds and hundreds of washes and usage, but for the price any other competition will as well. I will continue to purchase these socks for my ever day use.
These were advertised as loose fit. They are not.
Well, not bad for the price I paid, pretty good ladies bag for the gift. If you do not go after the stupid brand Names, then this one is good for you.
Great job
Used these to attach luggage tags. Worked great.
Case too small, But great otherwise.
This is a great deal for girls gift, it is valuable and well made. The different shapes makes this item more special. I bought this little gift for my elderly daughter, she was so happy and excited when she got this earring, she can wear the different one everyday since it has 30 pairs. I will come again if I need more of this pretty, cute and valuable gift.
Perfect! My husband will only wear this brand, says they won't "crawl-up"!
needs to be a little wider to accommodate a check book.
but I love all the card holders
So far so good. I wear a 34 waist and got a large. I could probably go medium for a better fit. My only concern in how they will hold up after a few months. But the quality is good for the price.
Nice jersey boxers for the price. The material could be a tad thicker but they fit comfortably and the waistband is soft and not binding. I like the assorted colors and they look good!
Terrible looking fit and its Made in CHINA!!
Make America Great Again, buy American!
Nice deal for some nice shorts for summer. They are not too snug and fit a little looser than the typical bicycle shorts I usually have for my daughter. They are perfect for hot days as the fabric stays cool and doesn't cling to her. I also use these for under her dresses and they are perfect.
Really like these shorts. The length is right at the top of my knee (6'1&1/2"), just like I wanted. The color is very nice, not really a shiny silver but a very pleasant light grey. Seems well made and good quality. Good price, great overall.
The best
It started out stopping the rain, but now the rain seems to make it through.
Ordered the same size bought in store and when I got them they are way too small .. no where near the same size
Cant find many socks with 90% cotton
I like and wear long sleave. This is the shirt my company used with there logo. I am retired now, but still like to wear long sleave.
great for wearing under t-shirts or regular button front shirts. Good product at a good price.
very clean and not bulky. Perfect
This is a great wallet. It holds my most needed credit cards and business cards as well as just enough room for me to put my cell phone. I was surprised that I was able to fit it into my coat pocket too, so if I just want to take it without my handbag it is a great feature. It has a hand strap which can be used, but I remove it when I don't want to utilize that feature. I would recommend this item and hope that when you use it, you treat it with care so it will last that much longer.
Worried about reviews for a lot of hats talking about not fitting well. I've got a large head and this fits perfectly. The adjustment strap is velcro and easy to get as big as you want. Comfortable and cool
This is an amazing bag for a great price! I'm so surprised at how nice it is!! It is such great quality! It looks like I paid $200 or more! I've been getting lots of compliments on it too!