I got a new purse that was slightly smaller than my old one. I got two one for the cards I will need if I dash out of the house. The second one, with important cards that I can do without for a short outing, in my new purse
A really nice looking wallet. I love how it looks after I applied a thin coat of Allen Edmonds dark chili leather shoe polish. I'm convinced this wallet is going age really well. As long as I do my part and take care of it.

I found this wallet comfortably holds my drivers license, two RFID door badges, and two non-embossed debit cards. I rarely carry cash and when I do, its just a few bills at a time, so this wallet works for me and my office work clothes. Its as thin as a leather wallet can be while managing to hold the essentials. I store my business cards and miscellaneous stuff in a thicker tri-fold that I keep at the house and only carry when I need them. Despite the name, I wear mine in my back pocket.
These socks are comfortable and don't lose their shape after a few washes. If you need ankle socks these will do you well.
Can't beat 5he price fit good
Looks good - too new to know lasting quality
Just what I was looking for and a good price. Thanks!
thanks you very much, very good quality and service, the product is original and looks amazing, already got 3 pair of sunglasses from the same seller and had no troubles so far...Couldn't be more happy.
did its job ,delivered on time no problems
These bags have a luxurious feel. The strap on the largest bag is a nice length. I was pleased to find the tassels aren't attached. My only gripe is the zipper on the wallet sticks....if I could have exchanged the wallet without returning the other two bags I would have. Overall I'm pleased!
Came quick and were exactly what I needed as all metals cause infections in my ears and I have 9 on each ear....so thanks for that...My only complaint is some of them were rather sharp...easy fix just used a nail file to take the tip off
Holds all my cards that. Now if I just had money on those cards that would be cool.
Great quality, good price, just fit a little big. Keeping, will probably shrink enough by drying.
Have bought and owned this wallet previously and I love it. Lots of spaces for ID's and credit cards. Helps keep me organized.
Very warm for cold days but soft and relaxing
the arms are longer only, not the body :(
These are not worth $50. The lens is distorted and doesn't block enough light.
Nice quality.
eeI think that they are very pretty and very practical. They are perfect for my glasses.
Great fit!
Color is not nice
It's OK, just sort of smaller than I thought it would be.
Broke on the first day. I want a refund
It's a little stiff but good quality, just needs to be broken in. Kind of like a new baseball glove.
I purchased a few pairs, and in 2 pairs the waist cord broke almost immediately. The cord is not standard. Its sewn in the back, so you cant restring it.

This makes the shorts almost useless.
Very much as-advertised. They are bags with drawstrings, and they are microfiber, and I use them to clean my glasses. I also keep my Diva Cup in one of them, because I lost the bag to that.
Best for the cold weather
Use it when doing yoga. Ver good buy.
It has tons of room for cards, change, whatever you need to put in it and I love that its protecting my cards!!!
Item works as suggested by the seller.