Extremely cheap! Not the same as the original version. Too thin. Cheaply made. Poor quality. Lasts one wash. Not a t-shirt.
These are beautiful ! Came with a nice carrying case and extra earring backs!
I bought them for me, washed them and my husband stole them. I can't wait until I get the next order!! P S, I'm stealing one back. So comfortable and wear well.

Long enough to wear with tights or shorts. Easy to pull on after a work out and you can even belt it!
They feel tighter in the back. Fit nice everywhere else.
wife's review: this purse had been sitting in my wishlist forever. When I finally ordered it, I was bummed that it wasn't as great as I was expecting it to be. Had to return it.
Love the wallet. Disappointed that it had damage and have to return it! Such a waste of time! Oh my goodness! The company sent me a new wallet absolutely free of charge!! I am so happy! It is beautiful! Now that is above and beyond customer service! I will definitely be back to purchase more items from them!!
Looks & works great
as we expected
These sunglasses are outstanding!! I reviewed, priced, and wore several different brands of sunglasses before purchasing Gatorz.
Bought as a gift for my daughter and she loves it. Great quality. Also came with great care information. Highly recommend!
The fit is nice. Not too mid drifty. I had some stitching problems with mine, though. One having the collar stitching unattached in a small section and one shirt having the stitching come undone at the bottom of the shirt. The colors were not my favorites. I like the dark colors that are in the advertisement picture. I received some slightly pastel colors. Overall I am happy with the shirts even with these set backs.
I like this wallet and wanted a new one. Item came in a timely fashion, but not the color I wanted. My only reason for the lower rating. When I have an option to pick a color, I would expect that item to be delivered. I wanted grey and got orange....not exactly what I ordered. Buyer beware. If color doesn't matter, you have no worries.
On 20th of October 2016 I bought 3 Disney kids FZN3550 watch, 1 of them not working .. it's getting stuck batween 10 and 11 not moving to others numbers, also having damage in the frame .. as a photo attached here.

It should be replaced .. because I bought almost 5 watches as a gift to my nephews..
Very well made. I love it!!!!
Great product and value
The purse handle already came unstitched after using it less than a month. I cannot return it since 30 days has past.
Just what I was looking for.
good product
Nice pocket book for the money. Its real leather. Couldn't touch it for that price in the store
I love these shorts
Good quality! Closest thing to the one fossil use to have
This bag was recommended to me while planning a trip to Paris. I was a little hesitant to purchase it because I saw it as less than fashionable in a city of fashion. However, I was so glad I had it and not my regular leather handbag. It is light weight and has great utility. I was able to carry around a small umbrella, bottle of water, phone, money, small makeup bag, and hair brush without feeling as though it was too heavy. I have herniated discs in my back and neck and some handbags become too painful to wear crossbody for long periods. This bag was everything I needed plus some. I only wish they were a tad bit more stylish. I intend to also use it when I attend festivals or any event with large crowds or where I don't want to have to worry about the weight or things falling out of my bag. I appreciated the little lock mechanism on the zippers. I love my Travelon bag!
THESE ARE MY FAVORITE SOCKS EVER!!!!! My fiance has been poking fun at me because I am just so jazzed about these socks. They are SO comfortable and breathable and they feel amazing!! I am not a socks wearer EVER, which is why I bought these, because my poor shoes are suffering with my bare feet in them all the time and I just spent some good money on new hiking shoes so I thought I'd try and make them last by wearing some socks. I never want to take these off, they feel SOOOOOOO nice! Highly recommended!