It came perfectly packaged! I assume they mustve taken other reviews in mind and changed the way the product was packaged! There was NO blue tape and it was exactly what I was expecting
1) Item arrived as described
2) Very good fit
3) As claimed, that extra bit of tongue helps. It protects from slipping back to the shoes
4) Shocks are made up of high-quality material and seem to be durable after months of usage.
5) I like them the most because it helps with my smelly feet. No more smell when I use it for my work or for the light sports.

1) I got different color shocks. Almost every day I mix up the colors because there are too many of them and I am too lazy to sort them out by color.
Just enough pockets. I hate having TOO MANY pockets when I can never find what I'm looking for because I am always unzipping the wrong pocket. Here, the pockets are well thought out and it is all very convenient. The purse is wide enough to hold a water bottle and other stuff. Nicely done
I spent a considerable amount of time evaluating various wallets, and there were a couple things that were important to me - ensuring the wallet fit comfortably in my front pocket, that the wallet could hold at least 6 cards and that the cards fit snugly in their pockets. I've only had this wallet for ~2 weeks, but thus far I am very satisfied. It feels sturdy, polished and gets the job done. Looking forward to see how it performs 6-12 months from now. So far so good.
Good value for the price
This purse is light and the color turns it really nice. I love it!
Awesome sunglasses! I love the way it's packaged - very professional and caring. The feeling or wearing is smooth and comfortable. Highly recommend!
This is a great hoodie. The fit is nice and the color is too. Its not too thin, but not a heavy hoodie.
Ive bought a few items that are Amazon Essentials and havent been impressed with all of them, this is the best piece of clothing Ive come across their in-house line.
They fit nicely.
It was an gift and he really liked it
Great shorts and price!
So adorable and great quality! Fit as expected. 12-18 month fits my soon to be 12 month old perfect and should last most of the summer. For reference she is on the petite side at 28" and just under 20lb. A taller baby would probably benefit going up 1 size. She still wears 6-9 month clothes.
Cuuuuuuteeeee and super affordable..... loved
It works pretty well and meets all my expectations
Good comfortable fit
So I didnt expect much from this purse considering how cheap it was. But I was pleasantly surprised!!
Its spacious! The phone pocket is fabulous, the lining makes it easy to find things and ALL the pockets just makes staying organized a breeze. For a crossbody bag, I couldnt have asked for more. Thinking of getting a different color!!
Great and gives a good contrast
This wallet is absolutely perfect. Don't pay attention to anything less than a five-star review. The bills fit in nicely and I love the fact that my driver's license and insurance card are available for easy access in the clear window pockets.
Inexpensive suit for someone that only gets into the water now and again. Seem to be holding up fine so far.
Great quality. Highly recommend!
The quality isn't good, it's very flimsy and appears to be cheap.
I bought these on special and am impressed with the quality.
I love these earrings. They are a twist on classic hoop earrings. I love how these earrings hug my ears. They fit very securely. They are quite unique because it has a dangling spike that hangs from the hoop. They are bedazzled with the most brilliant cubic zirconias which really sparkle in the light. They are plated with 18k gold, which is great for me since I can only wear 18k earrings because of my allergies. These look great with every outfit, formal or casual. These gorgeous, well-made earrings that would make a great gift for that special someone in your life.
The belts don't seem too sturdy, but seem good for casual wear.
Very nice!
Exactly what I wanted.
The best shirt available at the correct price point. Would buy again
I ordered 36x34's I was going off of some wranglers I have and they're 36x34. Well the dickies were about 4 inches too long and the waist was about 2 inches too big. I liked everything about the dickies so I hemmed up the legs and just use a belt.
Im 57, about 165lbs, I ordered a large, mostly because I have long legs so I wanted to make sure the pants fit... no way!
The pants are too short. I will not purchase again, unless we can buy separate pieces.
It fits me to a "T" and looks very good on me.