initial personalised phone case

Made of only the finest fabrics and available in various patterns and colors, elephant print curtains bring personality and style into your room.
Great value for your money and looks just like the pictures

Comes with quite a few different things that girls of all ages would like

This was a Bday gift for my 10year old niece and she loved it
Beefy,but needs to be looser around belly, it rides up. Length is OK, enough to tuck in.
Strap breaks pretty easily.
use product for golfing
The color is darker and more flat brown in person. The quality seems nice for the price, but it just isnt the same shades as in the product picture to me. I am returning.
They are fine
Use for work as a valet, very comfortable with lots of running and jumping in and out of vehicles. They fit great.
This is my second one and Ive had my last one for 3 years and still doesnt need replaced quite yet.
Nice gift
I use these for under shirts with other various open collared shirts. So in that regard they're exactly what I expected. They onl real feature I'm not a fan of is the lose neck collar. I prefer i tighter collar. Great value!
This bag has so much space inside. I love it
"Infinite" adjustability makes this belt the most comfortable belt I've ever worn.
Great product
Awesome pair of glasses, most defiantly polarized. With a quality fit on a normal adult male.
Worst socks ever. They are like torture. I'd buy them as a cruel joke maybe. You will end up with sore spots on your toe where the inner seam rubs them. It's hard and abrasive.
good price but the fuelcells are better
Nice Quality
Es perfecta
The quality is very good. But a little "TOO" loose for me... I use them to work out in. When I am on the floor...
Having never used an RFID blocking wallet, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I received this in the mail. The setup inside is a bit different that what I'm accustomed to. Then again, I've been using the same wallet for the last five years. Overall, this wallet is functional and beautiful to look at. I love the color and the leather definitely looks nice. I haven't tested the RFID blocking functionality, but assuming it works as it claims to (judging from other reviews it does), I think it's a perfect solution to a modern problem. I'd definitely recommend this one!
I received this wallet earlier today and immediately switched everything from my old wallet to this one. All my cards fit in easily, including some that I have placed in the same slot. There is absolutely no issue with inserting $bills into one of the two zipper sections. I like the fact that there is an inside snap to close the 2 sides as well as one on the outside. That just makes everything safer. I wish I had found this wallet long ago..
the credit cards fit perfectly in the slots and the wallet still folds completely tight.
It's really comfortable. There's a sheen on it that I don't like so much.
I did a lot of reasearch before buying these socks. I used to get bad blisters on my toes after long runs (1/2 marathon plus). I just finished my first 25km run (15.5 miles) and my feet and toes are in much better shape. Despite the price tag, I would definitely recommend these socks if you suffer from blisters when running. I don't use anything else now.
I love my sunglasses! They are lightweight and great protection! New obsession!!
Very comfortable!! Havent used it yet for the snow but it looks great
Purchased two Italian necklaces both gorgeous and the "value" pack addon was also very appreciated(she really really liked the earring backs!). Changed my mind on one of the necklaces and Drew called me direct and arranged fast exchange just in time for bday gift! Buy w/confidence tons of great sellers on Amazon but some stand out, like this one for sure!
Legit actually comfortable while sleeping and under headphones all day. Very impressed.
Surprised at the quality that comes with the price