Excellent pans. Im happy
Something that is actually better than expected! I have never bought sunglasses without trying them on first, but these looked so great online that I was willing to take a chance. They fit perfectly and they look exactly as I hoped they would. I'm sure all the accolades have been said before, about Ray Ban, but I never said it. Just my two cents worth and happy to spread the word.
The material is better quality than the other brand, but the band is more uncomfortable.
Gave this to my husband for a gift late December
( last Wallet was 12 years old )
Its been close to 4 months and its fraying and the leather finish is
Disappearing in the corners
Very disappointing
Great! Just what I needed for work! Fits my 13" mac laptop too. Great quality.
Nice quality and i already buy more and good price too
some what small
It's a nice wallet, very slim and minimal but still carries a decent amount of cash + cards. I really like the overall footprint and function of this thing. Unfortunately, it took about 1 year and 7 months for the stitching on one end to blow out. Thea "leather" started cracking on the edges after about 1 year but not too bad. It's still a nice wallet (especially for the price) and I'll use it until I can't, anymore. $12 for 1.5 years, I can't complain too much.
Great value for your money and looks just like the pictures

Comes with quite a few different things that girls of all ages would like

This was a Bday gift for my 10year old niece and she loved it
I have had these sunglasses for a few months now and I have to say that I like them a lot. Being a male I would say they are unisex glasses and work well to protect your eyes from the sun ! They also look really good.
The package was empty
I like them a lot just wish the bar was shorter because they constantly look like they are falling out
It's a nice purse a bit bigger than I expected. Next time I have to check the measurements first. But it's nice quality.
They're good boxers waist band stays intact but over time colour and material deteriorates
They are too big and the look is cheap. I could have found something better at a local store.
Caution...These are American small- meaning they're big....great quality though!
Very good sports socks. Comfortable, well made and fits well.
For the price they are 5 stars! However the backs are TINY so a little difficult to get a good grip and to work with. But once they are on, they should be good.
Soft and comfortable. Just what I was looking for.
The earrings are perfect and my daughter loved them:)
Bad quality, too tight around the man area.
Love this wallet! Don't get the cork wet though, lol
the polarizer makes my eyes a bit dizzy when I put it on, but they get used to it for a couple minutes
Really bad quality. Its basically a tube that has been cut on both ends. See through fabric. No seams. I would have expected better quality for the $12 price tag. Afraid to wash.
Best glasses I have ever purchased.
I have been wearing these for several months now, both hiking and daily wear and I have to say that I have never found a more comfortable sock. I am ordering another set of 5 today.
It was nice but a little too small I bought it for my daughter's father for his birthday so I returned it
I would say perfect wind/rain pants, only downside I have seen so far is the Velcro strap at the bottom of the pant legs isn't long enough. Maybe add 2 to 3 inches of Velcro so I can secure it against my boots
The clear ones arms are glued on and broke first thing out of the box.
I bought these as a special surprise for my partner and I. I look good in them and my partner sure likes them. They are pretty comfortable and fit as expected based on the size chart. I just wish they had my partner's size!