Great price on these. They're very high quality and feel just like my $150 Raybans in how the plastic bends, how they feel on my face. I recommend these to anyone looking for some cheap sunglasses
Garbage. I really had high Hopes for these but I didnt get that. One of the backs to the earring seemed like it was stripped from the beginning but I wasn't sure because I've never had these kind of earrings before. Well not even 2 gosh darn hours later my daughter (19mo) had it out and what seems like she ate it because it is no where to be found. I searched all around her crib and found only the back. I even emptied out our vacuum and then vacuumed around the crib and sifted through the pile of dirt and I got nothing. So irritated that the back didnt hold and now I'm out 30 bucks for some garbage! If anything can be done about this I will update my review as for now it holds as garbage. Second the backs are so tiny they should come with extras.....
Beautiful color
It's a chain running through a leather strap, therefore it does tend to be a bit heavier than a normal plain strap. Because it has a chain with leather it will be sturdier than other plain leather straps. If the leather does crack, you can always use just the chain part of the strap all by itself. I'm sure I will be using this for a very long time due to durability.
Great colors. Big. Love it!
Very nice quality but not heavy duty by any means. Overall, good value for the price and I own three of them in different colors.
One f the fasteners on the sides is not working and thats why I gave four stars
Thinner cloth than those bought 10 years ago but OK
Did not shrink and fits well
Wallet is amazing, great quality! Looks super cool
Cute bracelet. The reason for the 3 stars is because the one I received is inscribed with "I love you, mom." Not "Remember, I love you mom." It is about the details.
good product for the price
They don't stop glare .day or night
Both this for my boyfriend he loves it!
I love this bag, it's fashion forward and handy! <3
This bag is fantastic! It is good quality for the price & so far holds its shape well, the only down side is it has a weird pleather smell at first but it seems to go away fairly quickly
Im a server and was looking for some comfort while on my feet all day, but these socks didnt really work for me. They are comfortable but felt a bit big and like most of my other normal socks. Im a size 7-7.5 ladies shoes.
I got these for work and they are a good fit and because they are only $12 I am not worried if they get ruined.
Nice,, Love them
Looks great, holds cards right, very happy
Very useful.
Product description is very accurate.
There nice, focus is a bit more on the plus side.
Snug fit, not bad for the price.
Best wallet ever!
I personally prefer the heavier feel and look of a stainless steel money clip, but thats not a knock on the carbon fiber money clip, its meant to be light, yet strong.
Everything good to go no problem
It's pretty, but the strap broke off the first week. Sewing it back on was not easy considering the thickness of the material.
love this anklet I didn't want to have to remove it everytime I showered so far I haven't had to take it off so very happy with the look and quality of this anklet
Not what they advertised
All of the logos are where they're suppose to be, ( I'm surprised some customers had this problem ) even the engraved like one on the left lense. i used to work for an optical and we ordered our Ray Bans from Luxotica, And not a doubt that these sunglasses aren't authentic.