Ok for the price
Soon my Vvision will probably change
Great wallet. very slim and yet I have 9 cards and about 17 bills in the wallet and it folds over just nicely.
Smaller than expected
Hard to find a good front wallet this one fits the bill. Very happy
I am a small girl with a small-to-nonexistent nose bridge and a wide face (thanks ;/ mom and dad). I know, it's hard to imagine and even more difficult to fit for sunglasses. I have tried so many sunglasses, nearly all of those Asian Fit sunglasses, cheap sunglasses, expensive sunglasses but I always return to Ray-Ban or Maui Jim sunglasses. This pair of Men's Injected Man (??!?) Polarized Iridium sunglasses are great! I have been looking for plastic, sporty sunglasses that I could wear from sea to mountain and everywhere in between and these men's sunglasses are really working for me. Yes, I do have to adjust the nose things a little and I may need to have the over-the-ear arms bent a little (if they do bend) for more active occasions, but I am loving these sunglasses. The blue lenses are much better than I expected (neat coloration and a sort of brightness gradient in the lenses). And the Chromance and Polarization are working well in bright conditions. If you have a *normal* face, I'm sure that you could wear these without any issues, but if you have a *special* face like mine, I highly recommend trying these sunglasses on your face.
Although comfortable these sunglasses sit high off my face allow too much side to come in from the side. I will use them as an affordable backup.
Just what I wanted
Love these earring! They are a light rose gold. Not heavy. Very elegant looking. Was worried they would be cheap looking or cheaply made but NOT the case. Love them! Was able to wear them all night and no sore ears later :)
My boys loved it
The front is too long and I did not like the fit.
Everything about these are A+ except, the colored film on the lenses does not hold up well in the humidity or coming in and out of water. This will be my 4th purchase. For some reason the blue lenses hold up better than the red. The red literally wiped off after trying to clean them on a hot day at the shoreline.
light weight
Quality is pretty cheap. The material is too thin. Its also very stretchy.
Cheap, thin fabric and extremely baggy. Wore them in the Florida heat and got a nice rash on the inside of my leg because of his w baggy and how they rub.
I change out my husbands cotton socks when needed, as he is in boots and on feet all day. Cotton does break down, so the cushiony of these socks, the positioning of the seam is great. He is very comfy!!!! Service was so fast, I thought they might have delivered personally!!!
Very nice I loved thank you
I love this hat. Its the second one I've ordered and its perfect. I keep my hair back in a hat most of the time and this one fits perfectly. Great quality fabric. Absolutely zero complaints. Will definitely order from them again.
I LOVE my new bag. It's soft and the color is just right. The cross body strap is adjustable, so I can wear it any length I choose.
great product!!! lots of room for many cards for the price its worth the buy i would tell any one to get this
Decent size and well made. Daughter liked the color.
great product with cool colors. the durability has yet to be tested, but I gave it a couple of good tugs and everything still is ship-shape. Colors to match lenses though... WHAT!?!?! that's cool. it is comfortable as well, doesn't make you feel like you going to slice yourself open from a razor thin wire, but it doesn't feel like you are wearing a guitar strap either.
I decided to purchase this money clip after deciding I no longer wanted a bulky wallet. The reviews on this seemed good, so I gave it a shot - bad choice.

The leather itself is good - decent quality. The pockets are a fine size - no problems with cards getting too deep or stuck.

The biggest problem is the quality of the magnet clip. This is the entire reason I purchased this product - for a money clip. The magnet works, but not very well. Without any bills being held it doesn't have a strong attraction. When money is inserted it is virtually useless. Even with just two bills the magnet is extremely weak. I don't trust this at all to hold my cash. I recommend looking at a different product.
First time trying shirt stays & they work great. Took a few minutes getting use to them as they felt a bit weird at first but after a few minutes I completely forgot I had them on.
Los lentes son hermosos y originales pero tienen que tomar en cuenta el empaque del producto. Antes llegaban las cajas en perfectas condiciones, ahora llegan aplastadas y rotas.
fits grate
Gifted item. Friend loved it.