Was super excited upon arrival, they were cute, quality of the pants are nice and comfortable, I noticed the logo was printed but didnt pay attention until after I washed them the first time. Logo smeared all over and the remainder of champion is super faded as well. Most of the logo will be washed away in a few washes.
I love it. Holds a lot of cards and you can find them easy.
Worth the money as far as quality and fit is concerned. I bought it particularly because it was made in the U.S.. However these socks are way too hot for me - "winter" in San Francisco Bay area with day temps at around 50-60F. I will save one pair for skiing and give the rest to relatives living in the areas having cold winters.
Got mine today at 1/5 the price of the premium ones being advertised on Facebook. Quality seems to be equal. I have 14 cards inside and my prox card ID for work in the outer elastic band so I can activate the turnstile without removing it. Came with extra screws and a screwdriver. Hopefully I wont need them but its a nice inclusion!
excellent fit looks great
I now have THREE of these robes, and I'll gladly get a fourth when/if the color options expand. They are exquisitely soft and comfy. Others seem to imply that they run long, but that's what I wanted (I'm 6'2" and slender). My only regret is that I didn't order the black-with-grey-trim when I had the chance!

Interestingly, though, I DO have the grey-with-black-trim, and it's noticeably, If slightly, lighter in weight than either the plain charcoal or navy options. So if you're concerned about these being too heavy, the two-tone may be a solution? I love all three though, personally.
Love the cap;Great fit
If you sell me a men's fleece in the USA, I expect a men's fleece to have the zipper on the correct side. This also applies to buttons on shirts. I put the fleece on and was very happy with the color weight and material. For $30 its a keeper, unless its not. I went to zip it up and thought I was not paying attention, because the pull tab and slider were not in my right hand. I looked down and see them on the left. This my friends is a ladies fleece. Ohhh I could care less who it was made for, but if you think in winter I need to look at my zippers before use, you are insane. Also, I am 6'2" and the pockets are made for a small person or maybe a lady. I suspect the made one size pockets to fit all size fleeces, which actually is a bad move for a manufacturer if this holds across sizes.

Really sad, I love the fleece, but not the zipper or pockets. Swing and a miss.
These were a gift for my son. He loves them! He says they fit well and are he doesnt experience any distortion.
Belt works perfectly and is completely adjustable
not happen ... couldnt even put cell phone in
These sunglasses are pretty good , especially for the price. I lose sunglasses pretty easily but I dont want to lose these . I am impressed!
Excellent fit, awesome design. These are super easy to maintain as well.
Sturdy and breathable.
Weirdest thing I've seen on a belt. Not sure how to explain this but the 'straight piece' that goes into the 'hole' in the belt is on the wrong side of the buckle. I didn't try to take it apart to fix it. Didn't know it was a Made in the USA kit belt. <g> It was the wrong size anyway. That being the case I returned for a refund. Seemed to be a nice belt otherwise.
Nice wallet, but the card slots are deep and make it difficult to get the cards behind the first one out.
Happy with the fit and quality.
Wallet was smaller than I thought it would be.
Like product, needed for deck shoes
Great colors, ventilation, comfort and fit! no brainer!
Everything i as expected.
Poor fit in thigh.Delivered in bag without return or any paperwork.
This hoodie does NOT fit true to size. The medium fits like a small and the large fits like a medium. All of my clothes are a size medium which is the size I wear, but I need a large size in this Amazon hoodie. BE SURE to order one size larger than what you normally wear. Other than this running a size too small I like it.
I love the quality of this bracelet! It is beautiful yet durable. Had to order more because friends loved it! I will also be ordering more Christmas gifts. If your considering purchasing do it! You will not be disappointed.
I've moved from beanie to beanie of various brand and style, searching for one that fit my large noggin', adequately covered my ears, fit snug across the top of my dome (none of that saggy, floppy stuff going on) and would stay put when pulled down. This is the first beanie to truly meet all of my criteria. It is also extremely comfortable, produces no skin irritation or itchiness, keeps my head and ears very warm and does a great job as a wind block. This beanie has found a permanent spot in my EDC bag and comes along on all my miles with my dogs in the cold. Highly recommended. In fact, I'll likely be ordering a backup to keep around the house. (two is one, one is none!)
Had an issue but contacted Amazon who went over and above my expectations. Customer service is very kind.
Husband is a diabetic and he says the socks are very comfortable. His feet are very sensitive so this means a lot.
The material the socks are made of is so thin they are almost transparent. Cheap! I guess I got what I paid for
High quality. Holds all the plastic I carried in my old bulky wallet but so much more compactly. Not so great for carrying cash. An attached but removable money clip option would make it 5 stars. Still, I'm very pleased.
Husband loves these lightweight cotton comfortable long sleeve shirts I wear for his construction remodeling work to keep materials paint drywall dust off his skin!