4 because you can only use the belt in one direction. To keep the direction I want I must have the release on the bottom. Other than that the belt seems to be working ok.
I wear a these for an under shirt everyday. These shirts are actually what I except. good fit, good quality. I would recommend this product.
The M size is good for me. Good service and quality
My old collection of low cut socks began showing holes in the toes. It became that time to buy a new collection.

I spent well over an hour searching Amazon and pouring over reviews of many different brands. JOURNOW seemed to have the best reviews out of all the others so I blindly bought this 10-pack.

Right out of the package, you can immediately feel the weight of this sock in your hand. It has more heft than other socks I have worn. These socks have an exceptional level of padding.

Now I work in a warehouse. I spend my day walking on a concrete floor. By the end of the day, my feet usually feel worn down and tired. With these socks, my entire gait has changed. As I walk my feet just sink into the sock as it adds padding to each and every step. The best way to describe the experience is that I no longer feel the shoe, but rather a distinct level of cushioning beneath my feet.

To date, these are the best socks I have ever worn. For me to be able to breeze through 8 hours of continuous walking and not feel the effects on my feet is just a slice of heaven!
nice and dark
I wear them at night. My fingers appreciate it, without them, it'll be pretty painful.
Perfect fit, soft, very comfortable.
Finally wallet inserts that last and hold even credit and other fairly heavy plastic cards
I bought this about three months ago and recently lost them at church. The second pair is just as nice. I like the solid feel of them. Great wrap-around.
The shirts fit just right very comfortable and especially no tag. They're not too heavy but yet not too light so you can pretty much wear them anytime after summer ends. Shipping was right as he said three days and I had him write my hands
These are really quality handkerchiefs. They are very durable. I am going to give them to my dad with another gift for Father's day. He uses these hankies all the time. He can always use more. Thanks a lot.
I purchased this balaclava for a mountain trip. I have a small face and this balaclava fits snuggly around the crown of my head while the lower face mask portion is a bit loose, which I prefer as it is not irritating my face. The fleece is thick and I am able to breathe comfortably over the mask portion. I have not tried it in cold temp, but this feels warmer than the hat and scarf over my face I was wearing. The neck portion is long which helps keep warm. I aimed my hair dryer over it to test the windproof and was not able to feel wind, but it would be better tested with cold wind.
Review collected as part of a promotion.
I purchase this belt and it did everything that was described. So far it has been durable and do not see any issues.
I really wanted to like these. They are super, super soft, fit me perfectly (men's size 11-11.5), and the elastic is perfect to hold them up all day without leaving marks on my skin. They weren't the warmest slipper socks I've ever had, but they were satisfactory for walking around my 65-degree house. The problem was that the grip started to come off after about 10 hours of wear. About 25% of the little rectangular grips were either gone or mostly gone at the end of the second day I wore them. I am about 175 pounds and didn't do anything rough in them; just walking on office-style indoor carpeting. If I were just sitting around most of the day, these would be perfect. But if you're going to spend any amount of time walking, you'll be disappointed. I'm returning them.
Without a doubt I wear a size 36 in short. These came in and were a solid 2 inches small in the waste. I have exchanged for a larger size. It is possible that the pair I received were miss sized. I will find out soon enough.
Love this product. Other shirt stay products have not worked well for me as I'm taller than most, the ones that stick to your socks have never been a viable option.
Good sunblockers. The slight wraparound is nice for motorcycling.
material good , but stitching not hold much
Bought it for a girl who is now my ex she loves it but not me!
Purchase totally met my expectations.
Levis 569's were once my favorite cut of jeans. I am down to my last pair, which was bought around 2009. I recently tried to buy some more, but I don't know what happened. The cut is completely different. I bought two pairs, and both had similar issues. This is the difference in the 2014 version now:

1.) The jeans are very tight in the crotch area, and the jeans sag lower on your hips. You can't pull them up because they just get tighter in the crotch area.
2.) The pockets are tiny. So, if you have big hands, you'll have a hard time comfortable using your pockets to carry items that can be easily removed, or if you want to comfortably set your hands in your pockets.
3.) Legs are now tighter.
4.) Material is thinner. For both pairs it was thinner. For the Ice Cap color, the pair was ~7 ounces lighter than another pair I bought at the same time, which was thinner and therefore lighter, as well. The Ice Cap color did not even feel like denim. I had to check the label, but it still said 100% cotton. It feels like a thin cotton blend.
5.) The pants have a goofy cut that gets tight at the bottom, while the waist is huge. I was smashed into the pairs I tried on, while the waist was so baggy, I had to use my belt to try to pull about 2" of slack out of them. I have no idea what body shape these are cut for.

Overall, I am VERY disappointed, as I really don't know where to start for replacement jeans. I guess I'll have to go back to the fun of trying on a few dozen pairs of jeans to find one that fits. However, when I do, I'll likely buy 10 pairs.

Judging by many of the most helpful reviews on this product, it looks like I'm not the only one having problems with the "new" Levis.
good item and very comfortable
Bought these for my teenage son who is almost 5' 10" and is a true size 34 - they fit great. Good quality. I am buying several more.
They were too big on the side prongs and went back too far. Felt very light and not of quality
Bought this for my 10 year old. She LOVES it. Wears it every day. Its two months later and it is holding up well, band (white) is getting a little dirty but wipes clean, doesnt scratch easily, nice bright colors.
Great glasses! Light flexible. My husband mistook them
For his 200 Maui Jims.
What can I say they are exactly what they claim. Additionally, they seem to be well built and will likely wear well.
This is a great little wallet. It can hold credit cards and money all in a neat little thin package.