These are great sunglasses! They look clean and sharp in every aspect.
Cheap polyester material is uncomfortable. These are a good example of you get what you pay for.
I've always liked Docker's products because of the quality and this is no exception!
Not sure what happened here, but this might be the worst package of Hanes I've ever gotten. My batch was horribly done, splits in seems, in the waistband, out of the 5 pairs, only one didn't have a defect after first wear
Soft comfortable and great fit plus they retain their colors even after being washed a bunch of times
Nice belt comfortable for the outdoors.
Nice leather, love having all the credit card slots and plenty of room for an i-phone , check-book and cash.
After only a couple months with these glass, that are $150 I had to file a claim with Oakley. The design where the stems attach to the glasses is just awful. The stems are held in place one tongue and groove where quality glasses have two. The top portion of the stem pops out very easily and over time gets worse. I'm still waiting on customer service to get back to me over a week later and I really do not want another pair of these glasses. I would prefer to replace them with another model that didn't have this design defect.
DO NOT BUY THESE GLASSES if want a dependable pair of $150 eyewear. Spending this kind of money and having them last two week is pretty pitiful.
They fit nice and comfortable
They look very expensive, love my choice for the price.
Great wallet, based on the price I wasnt sure what to expect but this is a high quality wallet that I highly recommended. Very good product.
Beautifully made necklace that my wife loved. The price was cheap but the necklace is very pretty and well made. A+
Great beanie. Soft and warm. Also came sooner than expected.
Wonderful product will buy again
I just this product last night but I couldnt wait to try it on! Actually putting it on was simple but I do wish I didnt have to remove the buckle to get the actual belt through my pants, but if you purchase this belt it might fit through your loops,because it states Wont fit through most loops not all .not hard to reinstall buckle back on and the nylon is a huge upgrade from my traditionalleather belts.My favorite part is the QUICK RELEASE....omg so I cant wait to use when Im sprinting to the bathroom to unbunkle(will save so much time) ; > overall I recommend this belt to friends and family
My 2 year old loves these...well the characters!
Easy to pull my cars out and it's a nice material
These don't fit at all, I gave them to a smaller friend.
I have to present this as gift to someone
My husband has been searching for years for swim shorts that fit him well. The last couple summers, he's had to wear basketball shorts because the board shorts you find everywhere are always too tight in the crotch leaving very little to the imagination. He loves these! He generally buys XL and wears 36 waist jeans. I think he could have gotten away with a L but he says these are comfy. Very pleased, bought 2 pair.
Not happy with the quality or sizing of this item. These should be functional as a support as well as look good. I think a regular Bike strap does a better job in both areas.
He wears this brand for years and love this. I bought him Kirkland brand and thought that was too heavy so I return that and bought this brand. He loves it.
I bought these to press hoodies for the band I work for and they were perfect.
I ordered size 4 since I have really thin fingers. It looks good on my ring finger.
These are really classy and understated. My college daughter loves them.
Casual wearing!
So so quality. After first wash & dryer it shrunk to the point it looked like a joke/distortedécole-Lumineux