It looks good; it feels good. I like it.
Best slim wallet I've owned. Well constructed and super innovative.
Perfect for holding my hair band without hurting my wrist.
I like the stile, very lite in weight, and overall a great purchase. I will recommend to others. Packaging was also very nice.
They are great. The arrive quickly too and good pricing.
Much easier than full stockings to put on. I have foot problems so the socks were what I needed. Seems to be helping my injured feet.
Fly opening is too small.
Small for size but is similar to hospital provided socks. I don't believe anyone makes socks for large feet particularly wide feet.
Very nice. It allowed my a beautiful way to share my husbands ashes with my adult step-son. He had been very easy going in allowing me to make all of the arrangements for his father and keep his ashes but I felt it was important for him to have something like this as well. Since I had it personalized it came on a very slow boat from China but it was well worth the wait.
So far so good. Socks look and feel like a quality product
I purchased 2 pairs of the crops this summer. They have been washed over and over and still look new and fit perfect. With my experience with the crops, I decided to get the longer ones for the cold winter months. I wear them to the gym, grocery store, football games etc. Great product with a great price.
I bought these to keep my computer glasses in. I travel a lot and I usually keep them in my backpack. So far they have kept my glasses safe.
The straps don't stay tight over along period of time. The clips will also put small tears in the tail of your shirt after a couple uses.
Amazing! I purchased this product while looking for a more comfortable pair of underwear. I ended up loving them so much that I bought enough to replace everything in my wardrobe. Very comfortable and I love them.
Excellent, sturdy, and good strong belt clamps, love it. . .
Works well for me.
Like the color and the texture, the quick dry fabric.
Three of my orders are missing (1) bag in every set
These are a great inexpensive pair of glasses. These are a great alternative to my $200+ glasses for comfort and protection. Ive bought 2 pair.
Belt is very high quality! I can't believe it was so inexpensive. I like the fact that I could cut it to size. You will need something strong to cut it with - I used a pruning shears from my garage. The buckle is a little tricky to undo until you get the hang of it, then it's easy. There's a little lever on the buckle bottom (not back, the bottom) that you need to pull up and out. Belt is wide and heavy, so make sure that's what you want!
these are amazing sunglasses.. I've been a Ray Ban guy forever but these are just great!
Nice and comfy
Been using v-necks for years
I buy these for my kids to wear over their glasses. They love them, they are not too heavy. Be sure to measure the glasses they will fit over and use the guide for ordering. It makes a difference.
People- these are not polarized!
My husband wont take these off now, and I steel them too, they are amazing!!!!
These joggers are really nice, they do run a little slim, they were not tight, but more like a slimmer fit sweat pants. Very nice though, my husband loves them, they are very warm and cozy.ètre-Prévisions-Météorologiques-lAlpinisme