Poor! Broke on first day for both! Unrepairable! Waist of money!
It's the standard kids underwear that any departmental stores sells. Very cute but it's obvious that the printed pictures will wash out very soon. The elastic bands won't last for long.
i play soccer in these. they feel and look great
great jeans
They are smaller then I expected but they are absolutely wonderful! You can feel the quality in the frame and they are very sturdy. Ray-Bans has gotten another lifetime buyer.
After reading the reviews and some people comparing these to high end sunglasses, I was extremely let down.

Frames: They are made of flimsy plastic, with over tightened screws. They are a lot more comparable to the $10 glasses I bought at the gas station last week than high end glasses. The color and design is as advertised, but they feel cheap to me.

Lens: Luckily, the important part of the glasses is the better part. The polarized lens do get the job done. While they don't even come close to a higher end pair (and they shouldn't), they are very adequate. They fit very well on my face as well.

EDIT: After having these for a month now and wearing them daily, I decided to change my score to 4 stars. They are great day to day sunglasses for the price and the durability has held up well. I throw them in the center console of my car after wearing and they have surprisingly not received nearly as many scratches as the two other pair in there. Thanks for reading!
I did a second order on these socks after I washed them.. They were everything I wanted . First the color is black they didn't run at all
nor shrink. I have bunions hammer toes and broke all my toes on both feet. I am always tripping and falling.
Yes, I realize I ordered men's socks but I need to wear them over my regular socks.
Keep up the great quality.
I like the style a lot, but the purple is not as vibrant as the picture.
Priced right, fast delivery, fits good. I will buy them again
They are so cute and my 5 yrs Old was so sad when I told her I had to return them. She wore them only 2 days and lost one twice! Luckily we found it back...
The fit is adjustabl, was great purchase for my 6 year old grand daughter. She loves it & wears it all the time!
Like em.
Gave as a gift...really pretty but for an adult. Very large
I love them just right ty
Great fit and very comfortable
I love this it is so soft and a perfect hold for credit cards and fits so smooth in pocketbook
I wear these shirts as undershirts. Good fit, soft feel, and easy to wash. Zero complaints!
Runs large
I needed a smaller bag for every day use. I did not want to spend too much until I was sure I could get used to the size. I am so glad I bought this bag. My android phone fits well. It is larger than some of the iPhone's do that was also a concern. There is enough room for cash, cards, and a few other items. My only complaint is with the zippers. They can be hard to zip. I think as I break in the purse this will no longer be an issue.
size is 17x17, wanted 14x14. Also, cotton is thinner than expected.
Great shirts and quality but way too thick to where in the summer sun. I will use them in the fall and winter.
These are silky and feel great. I have washed them several times with my dark clothes. I put them in the dryer, with the dark clothes, on medium. They came out just fine. They are as short as the picture shows. I really like them.
Small, handy & safe
Very nice colors and selections! Nice wallets! My daughter and I are both pleased. Quick shipping!
Comfortable and color is as portrayed in the pictures
Great hat, just as promised. Great deal for the price.
Awesome quality. I love it!
Everything was perfect!
Okay, so before people start questioning my credibility and my common sense, yes I have read all of the negative reviews about this bag. But I think what people forget is that on the internet, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

all of these reviews focus on the negative aspects of the bag, mainly the straps, being a hassle to everyday use. However, I think people are trying to imitate the models they see holding these bags and are maybe getting their hopes too high. This bag is indeed a replica of a famous bag (no names). However, the price of this bag surely should suggest that its not going to be made entirely with the same quality as its competitor.

In my opinion, this is a FANTASTIC bag for the price you pay. All the leather feels genuine, and the leather sags naturally when you set the bag down on a flat surface. Yes the strap is shorter than I would have liked, however, I think this bag looks best and feels best on your wrist/forearm than it does on your shoulder. A bag of this size looks nice on the shoulder until you realize how uncomfortable it would be to carry a packed bag constantly that way. This bag is enormous and looks AMAZING. people have already asked me if they can get one from our local Nemian Marcus or Saks, and I feel super fancy and elegant, while only paying literally less than 1/10 of the cost for the famous bag.

If you have $100 to splurge on a bag, definitely give this one a chance. You will not Br disappointed! I look forward to ordering from this company in the very near future for my next bag purchase :)

BTW: shipping was fast, 2-day delivery arrived next day before 8pm. Amazing.