A must have belt absolutely great A+
Great socks! My husband loves them! Very cushy and just enough fun color. Fast shipping and good price too.
I LOVE my genuine leather wallet!!! The leather is soft, supple and smooth, with beautiful color saturation. It has compartments galore enough slots for 23 or more bank & ID cards, 3 sleeves for paper money, a separate pocket for receipts, and another for coins. This is the Best Wallet Ever!!!
Fits perfectly
Waste of money and then i lost them because we moved, the treading comes lose by the fingers and i can't return them because their lost and these were my 2nd paid based on same issue be nice the manufacturer reach out to me.
It's a great crossover bag. Slightly smaller than expected, but well worth the money.
Really nice jockstrap. I didn't think it would feel so good, but it fits all my manhood where it needs to. I'm a certified spinning instructor and I recommend this product to all the men in my class when they ask about comfort.
Nice cheap sunglasses.
I Love Love my new pocket book, it's colorful and exciting to own.
Fit great and comfortable
Liked the feel and fit
No sane person has to question the quality of Maui Jim shades. However, because of these
incredible prices, I was skeptical. So, I set out to a local Sunglass Hut (as recommended by others)
and picked out a couple pairs that I loved. I took camera shots of the serial numbers, construction, etc
so i would have a comparison.
The Sunglass Hut salesperson says "No way you're getting these shades at THAT price" lol. She says
"Bring them back here and I'll show you they're fakes". Well, I received the shipment exactly 6days after ordering
(don't pay attention to that month and a half stuff, you'll get them within a week), and took them back to the Sunglass Hut.
She says.. "Well, they're certainly authentic.. looks like you gotta great deal" Yeah lady,that's what I said :-) No Soup For You!
Shrunked a considerable amount after washing and drying it. It used to be able to go pass my ears with ease. Now it barely covers half my ears.
Very cute, the straps are a little flimsy but so far its been great
Fits good even with thermals underneath.
Love it just what I Needed
Very comfortable my husband loves them!
I really like these sunglasses. The quality and fit are all spot on. They do a great job of diminishing the impact of the sun and make driving much more pleasant when I am facing into the morning sun. Distinguished looking as well.
A good quality product for exactly what it's supposed to do. If you're like myself, and between sizes, then buy the next size up.

Though personally unused through a medal detector, they will not set off any alarms due to lack of metal in its manufacturing.
Love it. Fabric is great. I ordered the light gray which is very neutral. I was looking for a backpack purse but not one that looked like a miniature formed backpack.
I do liked it
I love these even more than the vibrams themselves. Never smelly or pilly, fit great, slick material that slides right into the rubber vibram fingers.
The color was very beautiful and very well made!
Great jacket! Fits me true to size. US medium. I read a lot if the reviews about this jacket before purchasing it. Although I could have lived with things I had read, they just weren't true. ALL zippers are actually a pocket and the zipper is on the right side for a man's jacket. Its stylish without going over the top, and it has a little bit of attitude.
Nice and compact. It fits in your pocket with less bulge much better than a wallet.Makes you downsize the stuff you usually have in your wallet, of course. The only thing I don't like is it's tough to pull out your credit cards when you've filled all the slots.
love it, perfect for my needs
I wear an 11.5 to 12 and these fit me after i put them through the dryer. Similarly i got a pack of the size smaller (9-12) and they were too small after the dryer.
Love these! They were a little hard to put in, but these kind always are. Once in they are so worth it bc they dont hurt to sleep in & look super cute. The 8mm is really small so I put it in my cartilage & the other two sizes in my earlobes.
Bought these for my son. He loves them. Quality socks at a great price
Way too small.