Very satisfied with this wallet. Looks to be made for the long term.
Casual wear; cost
I always get Hanes but packing and product vary. Some are better quality than others, but the last couple times I have ordered they have been good.
Nice soft socks that stay up, although I haven't washed a pair yet to see if that stay up capability stays. They are a bit thin and I can see holes forming rather quickly if you're tough on socks.

My only real complaint so far is the two plastic ties they bind the pairs together with, if you don't cut them correctly they will pull a hole in the sock. Do not try to cut from the end, spread a couple pair out and cut through the middle of the stack.
I bought this for my wife. Prior to purchasing this item, my wife mentioned that it was becoming more difficult to drive home at night after work because of the glare from other vehicles. Also, she had moderate fuchs dystrophy along with a cataract that needed to be removed. Shortly after the cataract was removed, I gave her the glasses and asked her to tell me how effective they were in dealing with the glare. Her first report was very affirming. The glasses made a significant difference in dealing with the glare. She would highly recommend this product to anyone.
Love this tiny little bag! I needed something small to carry several items and this couldn't be more perfect. I also really like that there are pockets to keep things like my wallet, phone, medical pens, hand wipes, keys and little misc items it. Also comfortable to wear and doesn't flop forward as mentioned in other reviews. The material is also very nice and lightweight.
For this price, this fits perfectly and is super comfy. The color options are great for the price too. If anything, Large could be 1-2 inches shorter to fit perfectly, but everyone is different.
I love it. Its amazing! Came quickly.
They are very nice comfortable socks. But, for diabetics? No, not at all. IMHO a diabetic sock needs to use the knit of the material for elasticity (hold them up without applying too much pressure.) These do not do that, and thus my mark down. I would class them therefore as normal dress socks.
awesome product
Doesnt look nearly as good in person.
Excellent front pocket wallets
Pants are too stretchy
Love the Native American in the war bonnet! And give me no grief about cultural appropriation or cultural insensitivity because I am a proud Native American of the Crow tribe!
I love all the different color stones. It will go beautifully with all my outfits.
What I didnt like was the package was left down on the main floor on top of someone elses package.
Breathable for my son who is very active in all types of weather.
Shrunk - really disappointed
These are the only socks I will wear running now. They help keep my poor feet from getting blisters during long runs.
Works well not a great fit for me tho
Cheap, simple, water resistant, and analog...just what a child needs to learn to tell time instead of digital where the child learns nothing
Best purse I have ever owned and it is soft and the perfect size.
I returned this item because it was way to big. It fit like a triple XXX.
This jacket is stylish, comfortable and light weight. One of my now favorite jackets for slightly chilly days or wear a hoodie under it for colder days and still look great. The only negative I have to point out was that I noticed the lining of the jacket near the bottom of the pocket was never stitched. At first I thought it was torn, perhaps I caught it on something but upon inspection you could clearly see that it had never been stitched. It's not a deal killer but for the price I would not expect something like that to be overlooked by QA. I had the jacket for over a month so I didn't bother trying to have it replaced. Inspect your garment carefully upon receipt.
Very cool hat, fits well
Good quality
It was the real deal, not some Chinese knock off.é-naturel