Nice belt and good quality.
I am actually amazed about the quality for the price. It smells like leather and is made well.
Crystal clear vision from these shades. I had to take them off, to see if it was as clear without them, but had to put them on again because they cut out all the UV glare. Good value for money.
Good fit, and nice colours
Nice size and colour.
Bought this Feb 2013
Using it fairly regularly though not everyday.

I like them because:
1. They're the exact kind of wayfarers I want, that is without the tilt of Ray Ban wayfarers.
2. The color is good.
3. The lens isn't too dark.
4. It's lightweight.
5. It's cheap here on Amazon.
6. Came with a pink sunglasses Oakley cloth bag.
7. Fits me right. (I'm asian but not the thin skinny type)

I don't know why the other reviews say they're not durable. But I've had them for a while and they're still alive like the rest of my sunglasses. I've stored them loosely in my bag when I use them and it hasn't broken yet.

Will buy more frogskins in the future.
Its s bit bulky
these are ok but fit very large. I should have ordered a smaller size but I will give them to my boyfriend
The holder is very stable and seems to be well made. It's exactly what I wanted to put my glasses in when I go to bed. I have had no issues at all with it tipping, even when reaching to put the glasses in or take them out of the holder. I highly recommend this product.
This is adorable just perfect
Perfect fit. Light weight and comfortable. Love this hat.
I have to go through a metal detector every day at work, and these save me the hassle of having to remove my belt every time. They're sturdy and changing out the clips isn't too difficult. I like that theres no notches, you just tighten it to what you need.
They look good and feel great
Very small and cheap
Feels good and is holding up so far
Just what I expected
great size.the tail is as a little bigger than a quarter size.chain is like rope type of silver very nice.for a girl that will be 7.sparkly rhinestones very pretty.
They are great fit my head great optics nice carrying case
I love this cute backpack so much. The zipper is nice with the good material and the pineapple shape. The leather is soft and adorable. There are many spaces for usage: 2 pockets on the sides, the one in front of and behind the bag, the main one inside the bag. I tried it for my daily outfits with jeans and tees.
These socks are AWESOME. I purchased them for a yankee swap at work which had a theme of "whimsical socks", and they were fought over and stolen from others multiple times. People couldn't get over how clever the packaging was! These are a great gift for anyone on your list that you may be struggling with. I highly recommend!
I am very impressed with the quality. The carbon fiber is the real deal. I was concerned that it would be shinny. It's not, it has a matte finish. The aluminum plate is a nice touch. I am happy with the cash strap. However, I felt like the aluminum could have been a little thinner. Overall I'm very happy with the quality.
They're good enough, but they have no opening in the pouch area. I guess they expect guys that like to work out to be squatters. They aren't as nice as the Under Armour active underwear, but they are half the price. If they had an opening I may buy more.
These Suncloud Cookie sunglasses are a great style, and do well in the sun and for reflective conditions. The frames themselves are rather large, so if the purchaser has very small features/face, the frame may be too large. Nice glasses at a good price for the Suncloud brand of sunglasses.
Wallet is fine, but arrived with box (tin) damaged, so if youre giving this as a gift, just know the outside container may not look great when it arrives.
Good quality for the price.
Love the material and color finish. One of them started to come apart immediately under an armpit, the others are fine.
Comfortable, priced reasonably. Washes well.
Perfect size & I love the crossbody style!
It does store my credit cards but the name may be misleading as it does not hold cash. Good if you do not carry cash.