Wife loves it it's sturdy, fashionable, and holds my stuff too! Only thing is the flap on top doesn't stay closed. The flap stays down but the small magnetic button won't fasten unless you give it some finesse I'm guessing because the leather needs to be broken in first she's had it for few weeks now still very sturdy but when you first get it it'll defiantly need some use. Like a new pair of leather boots. Only complaint is they should have used a different button to fasten the top like a higher powered magnet.
they are way smaller than the same product with out the FreshiQ, and two shirts came with flaws
Very thin
Bought this less then two months ago, the long part for the shoulder broke towards where the metal is..will not be purchasing another.
Very good quality for price
I mean, what's not to love about the gold toe brand socks? These are thick, almost winter-friendly socks that will do more than cover your ankle. That being said, they are extremely cozy and warm, good for half the year before you have to shed them for lighter socks. Recommended.
It was much bigger than expected. Quality construction, great color.
I ordered a size up and that worked for me, I'm not into skin tight fits.
He loved it.
Rose gold of course, just the right size. Fits my credit cards, room for store discount club cards.. fits my phone. Perfect price lovely color I am very pleassed
I like this bracelet but the chain is really thin but to be expected. It fits well. I have a smaller wrist and I have room in it. I have about 12 links left in it. So it should fit larger wrist just fine. I bought the rose gold color and I love it.
True to size! What a great find!
I am a fan of of Fossil bags, I am very happy with it. It holds everything I want it to and I can carry it either on my shoulder or as a cross body.
 exactly what i wanted. easy to take my cards out but holds them in place tightly, lays very flat, not bulky, nice dark brown color. i like everything about this wallet. even my boyfriend wants one just like mine and hes really picky.
its hasnt deformed or scratched up or broken anywhere. very well designed and constructed.
I love these shorts
I realize these shirts are a cotton blend and not just cotton so.... they are a little too stretchy for me. Good shirts though.
Very nice purse and well made. I love that the zipper goes down the side so it is easy to see into the botto of the purse. I love all of the safety features like the 2 locking zippers and cut-proof straps and credit card protection.
The mick uniform sweatshirt. If you've ever heard your uncle say, "Oh, good gravy good gravy Goliath and Davey!" as he crawled under his Crown Vic to fetch a drop piece to shake down a rival bar owner, this is for you.
Greatest socks ever ! Purchased another pack for my mom.. socks stay in place and are perfect for long walks or running !
Great product! Comfortable and warm. Very good value
I love this bag! Its so cute and chic. I like small purses where I can put my phone and other small stuff and this is just the right size. You can use this as a handbag or a sling/body bag which is great. The seller is also so sweet that they gave a freebie.
very good
It really works great, he works on flight line at PAX river, and he said it really keeps him warm .
Great shirt. Fits great.
Fits good
Wife loves it!
I get compliments on these every time i wear them and ppl cant believe how many you get for the price. Love them.