The wallet itself doesnt seem to be bad, I honestly havent gotten the chance to use it yet. I ordered the spiced coral color and the color is sooo off. It isnt coral at all, its baby pink. Ive had bad luck with amazon wallets lately, pretty frustrating.
Nice heavy T-shirts but if you buy 3 of the same size and color they all will be a different length, up to 3" different. Buyer beware.
The first one I bought came down just at the bottom of my belt buckle. All the rest I ordered were about 2-3" longer which doesn't work for me.
The inconsistency on the quality control need addressing.
I ordered 4 of these cuz everytime I try to put on it breaks literally. It was my fave necklace and got a lot of compliments on but it kept breaking
this gaiter neck has brought me great joy
Very nice full size fleece, just what I wanted.
My wife collects purses and she just LOVED this one, uses it all the time. She says it one of her favorites.
I bought these as a gift for my step mom and they are so pretty! they come in a beautiful box and are so light weight! the color really pops and i cant wait to give them to her!
These things come in long-long lengths only suitable for gorillas' wrists...and there's NO WAY to cut them short....!
Material too thin and flimsy. Longer in length than expected.
as expected
Very nice belt and ratchet works as described
Nice vibrant colors. Many positive comments by fellow hawaiian shirt day wearers.
Needed a couple of polo shirts quickly. Unfortunately, they shrunk a full size on washing. A good value for the price, but buy a size larger and wash to get the correct fit. Unfortunately, the largest Amazon offers is 2XL.
I am very disappointed in this wallet. As soon as I got it the zipper wouldn't work properly.
Fit great
I have purchased Gold Toe socks for 35 years from JC Penny because I wear out the big toe on every other brand of sock. The big toe on these socks wore out after 3 washings, and the gold thread is flaking off. I do not believe these are the real thing, but merely a cheap knock-off. Do not buy these socks unless you don't care about the quality.
Pretty nice belt. The leather is supple and durable. I wear it every day.
Good, tough, and sturdy sunglasses! I usually buy 2 pairs a season! Blue and orange lens for fishing!
low quality
Loving MO purse set
Husband loves the light weight feel with goid coverage. Good price.
Although the bangles are beautiful, it did not come in a box (Wrapped in a plastic sheet) as mentioned by the previous customer.
Good quality and compact.
Happy with my purchase so far!
Nothing wrong with the socks in general. They are not what I could call "Heavy duty" though. If you are looking for good thick work socks, these may not be the best for you.
Love the front pouch. Super cute.
I love this bag.
Belt stretched over 2 inches in a week of wear around the house. Wearing like a $10 belt so far.
These are some great glasses... I recommend this to everyone for the simple fact that they are amazing. They feel comfortable, and look great.