These shorts are a great value for the price. Comfortable fit, deep pockets, an all-'round best buy.
I wear 550's in the winter, and 550 shorts in the summer.

It's all I wear .. for the past 15 years.
I bought them for my little grandaughter's birthday. Everyone loved them
Ok, I was skeptical if these socks really lived up to their famed reputation... but I finally decided to try them out.

Man was I shocked! These socks are what I always hoped a new pair of socks could be. Seriously, I buy socks all the time because I am picky about my socks. These have the perfect fit, excellent cushion, and don't get my feet too hot. Not only that but with a lifetime guarantee, you can tell they built these socks really well.

This may sound strange but you really can feel the difference. All the extra attention to detail, extra layers of stitching, and high-quality materials make these the best socks I have ever owned.

I plan on buying more because these are certainly worth the money!
Fit is good, but hubby says the elastic at the ankles is way too loose, and over all the sweatpants are thinner than he prefers
La calidad no es gran cosa
Good quality and price.
Looks exactly as I expected from the pictures and is well made. I love love love it!!!
This purse looks and feels more expensive than it was!
I love this hat! I have lots of them and some become my go-to caps for most occasions, but this one has moved right to top of the favorites list. As with any other Carhartt goods I have, it's well made, will take a beating, and it looks great. One thing though, of all my caps, this one is by far the heaviest. In cool weather, that suits me fine, but in hot weather it gets a bit uncomfortable, like a heater on my head. Fortunately, here on the Oregon Coast, it works fine most of the time.
Awesome looking charm with personal meaning
Super cute and the perfect size
Great quality and craftsmanship. They look very pretty.
Great belts
very good
Fits my face!!!
Just what I wanted, really long, they are men's, but will cover mid area.
We loved them!
Fast response from the customer service department. Shipped on time. The glasses are exactly the same as the ones I purchased directly from Ray Ban. Not cheap knockoffs as others described. They do say mens but theyre definitely womans.
Very comfortable! Work or play! Bought for my boyfriend and he said 5 stars!
As described
Very pleased with this product.
real good
This jacket was a gift for my son, who will wear it when he dislikes nearly every other jacket available! It's soft and breathable, lightweight and comfortable. Perfect for fall wear, and probably later, under a warmer outer jacket. Great buy!
Great product for my son to protect face and neck
First time I went for a hike in these, I traveled over 10 miles. My feet were as comfortable at th ened as they were at the start. Good cushioning and let my feet breathe freely.
I enjoy this product. Very comfortable and fit me well.