A real best buy and a quality product
Soft fabric.
Initial impressions are it works surprisingly well and seems to be more sturdy than other ratchet systems that have broken/failed after a short amount of time. At least initially the belt and system does not provide any indications that will fail/break from doing its job of being a belt. I'm hopeful that I don't have to come back to complain about it falling part like other ratchet systems that I have tried in the past.
My husband has been looking for just the 'right hat' forever, consequently, he wears the same worn & torn one all the time. My daughter has poked fun at him b/c he has a pile of hats at least a foot high. He says "can't seem to find the right one". This hat fits just right b/c it does not have that ratcheted snap strap in the back. It has the adjustable Velcro. More importantly, when he puts it on, it sits on his head; it doesn't have that 'popped up' look that many do. He also ordered this one in the white. He is a happy camper indeed. If your looking for a comfortable hat at good price, this is one you should try.
Warm comfortable and stylish. Good color selection and the fit was perfect. Given as gift to someone who really likes Carhartt products. They were happy and that's important.
good fit
My 8 year old granddaughter loves them, they are very nice
This belt is light weight and extremely comfortable. I will be purchasing more buckles.
Love wearing this hat. I get a kick out watching certain individuals get triggered...lol
Love it
Great quality and perfect for travel. Holds your wallet and phone without any problems.
I live in Houston where the humidity is always high causing me to be a soaking wet mess after running any distance. The Headsweats cap channels all the sweat off my brow before it can run into my eyes and sends it to the cap bill. I've tried running with "gimme" caps but they just don't stand up to a Headsweats cap.
beautiful earrings. I would have given it a 5 star but the backing did not fit. It was too small. I just bought another backing and it worked. I wish you would have made sure that the backings fit the earrings.
Fits very good I love this brand
Love it!!
excellent packaging, quick delivery, but to cut, paste and edit another person's review, "The material in this batch of T-shirts are thinner than I expected. But for bumming around, it's light, thin, cool. .......After washing .....it stretched giving the appearance of a limp, baggy shirt. In particular, the collar "sags". Sort of like a baby grabbed my collar and pulled it out of shape. So, I don't know, after the wash, I have a T-shirt that looks saggy." I wanted these for work shirts but they deteriorated after a couple months.
Really nice belt. My dad wanted a belt to wear with blue jeans that wasn't "overly visable" so this nice dark knit blue was the perfect choice. It ran a bit big, which is ok due to style of belt, but the extra bit of belt hangs a bit funny so he has to tuck the end in. I would suggest going just one size down. Would order again for sure!
It is every inch as beautiful as it appears to be. Vibrant colors and fine quality leather. My mother is getting this for Christmas. I wanted to do something special for her and she loves these purses but could never afford one for herself and if she had that kind of money she would end up spending it on one of her children. I would never spend this kind of money for myself but my mother is worth it. :)
They filter out the sun nicely. On the other side, they are a little small and I have small, square lenses. The old ones I bought from Stauer were a little bigger.
Fits me just right! I am 53 and 127 I was worried at first what size to get so I got an x small. Great material
Pretty comfortable
Although it is a little long for me, but it fit me well and it looks nice. So I think it's good.
Really like them but they are showing wear already. They dont last very long.
Love them. Perfect fit. Perfect color. Great price.
To soon to rate on the durability so one star was subtracted. I gave these wallets as gifts to family and coworkers. They seems to love them. Great colors and design. I would recommend this wallet for all ages.
Beautiful stones. Worthwhile to have in your collection.
I love these sunglasses!
The only slight, minimal flaw with this bag is that occasionally the turn-lock clasp can be a tad bit troublesome to close. Regardless, I did gift this to my little sister and she loves it, being able to showcase her cute wallet/makeup bag/sunglasses/etc. and attach her favorite key chains/bag charms to the side clasps, giving the bag much character from its contents. I've even borrowed it myself a couple times, and if they ever came out with this bag but with silver hardware (as I'm more of a silver metal person), I would purchase it in no time; I find it so adorable. :-)