Wife loved them super thick and toasty she says. They make it nice to walk on bare floors due to the grip.
Great color comfy fitMy husband looks Sexy AF!!!
This bag is great. A few people have actually asked me where I got it. Im a mom of a 1 year old and 3 year old. A purse usually gets in the way especially because Im usually carrying one child or the other. Its not very big but big enough to hold my wallet, chapstick, a couple diapers and wipes in case needed, and some deodorant. Mom necessities!
Ok for the occasion
I like keeping it cold....absolutely love this!!! I have had it for a few months now......remember you are getting it for comfort and warmth not fashion. I look like an umpa lumpa. But it is comfortable and warm for sure and I love it for laying around the house. Arrived very quickly
Absolutely love these glasses. Very comfortable and just the right shade.
I liked the bag but I thought it would have been a little bigger.
I ordered my size in the shorts and still they came to small I was very disappointed.
Bought six of these. The first shirt I put on fell apart after 5 minutes! I made it from the bedroom to the kitchen and the sleeve literally fell off!
The other shirts seem ok.
We'll see if they fall apart too.
Outside pocket difficult to get to. Strap length can not be adjusted. Nice, rich colors though.
I workout at a gym five days a week using different equipment. I like these because I can workout with kettle bells and free weights an/d still wear a wedding ring. There is no friction rub as I got from my metal wedding band. My one complaint is I do wish I had been sent the colors shown in this picture. The ones I received has only two "girl" colors.
My son was very happy with price wouldnt change so much wanted to purchase again
Fit as expected based on the size chart. I haven't worn them swimming yet, but they are comfortable, and the material is good.
Really enjoyed this item
Great products
The white color is almost see through
Very soft. Fit well. Super cute.
My daughter prefers soft clothes that don't bind and scratch. Her favorite outfits for school and play are cotton dresses and leggings. We both really love the styles from Spotted Zebra. The pack of leggings comes with four pairs in a variety of solid colors, stripes and patterns. We especially adore the cute llama pattern. The leggings have a wide band that isn't overly tight and restrictive. They are a little larger than we expected based on the size and they aren't tight and clingy to the legs like some leggings. They don't have tags which cut down on the irritation. They are reasonably priced and that makes them even better. These are clothes for kids who want to dress for kids. They allow for movement and play. They are comfortable and made of soft materials with bright colors. They are especially good for kids with sensory issues who are picky about their clothes.
Great clarity, very light weight and have stood up well over my 3 months of use.
Great shirt!
Ordered the 34-38 size, and the belts were too small for my husband who is a 35.
I love it it's pretty comfy but it's not for winter cold. But it's great after rehearsals! Makes me look good after rehearsals and a workout thanks so much to the seller I really appreciate it!
Lite and breathable slightly fitted like a designer cap. Its Adidas of course its the best in the business.
Got our girls each one of these for Christmas. They loved them! Seem to be sturdy and well made so far!
This is a beautiful bag, BUT it is not large. Medium at best.
I bought this as a Valentines Day gift for my husband as his daily one was worn out. He loves it and the size that I got for him was a perfect fit. I purchased a size bigger than his size which is why it is a perfect fit. The color goes well with jeans and its sure looks great on him. He has been wearing it for a month now and said he has no complaints.
What I was looking for.
Have been wanting one like this for a while and received as a gift. I like that it is baseball cap style as opposed to safari style. I work in the yard a lot and hate getting sunburned on the back of my neck. This should solve the problem.
I would not buy these again. I bought a pack months back and I was sent the assorted blue which were great( only reason I gave 2 stars). I ordered another pack recently and they were horrible. I was sent the camouflage pack which I didn't care for to begin with. Then the thigh on these were tiny it didn't make and sense. Same size and everything It was a totally different type of boxer the material was cheap and rough and they did not fit. Save some time and buy elsewhere.