Too big.
Very durable socks; I own lots of these now, they are my primary socks worn at work. So far none of them have worn out with holes or anything; after months & months of use. I am confident the color will fade due to hundreds of washes before the material will actually wear out. Excellent socks. As someone with large feet, it's also nice they make the larger sizes that are actually designed for my foot size. Highly recommend.
Love the way they look, but they don't hold to my face very well. If I just tilt my head down to look at something they start to fall off, sliding down my nose. Very frustrating!
Nice fitting and fabric is very nice and smooth.
This fabric feels like actual sandpaper. I have no idea how they managed to make it this bad? Especially since they put the word soft in the title of the listing. Returning immediately.
Nice white V neck undershirts. Does what they're supposed to - collects sweat and preserves the shirt worn over top. They are tagless, which is all I will buy. I can't stand tags. V is deep enough that I can leave polo shirts or dress shirts unbuttoned enough to keep me cool, but keep the undershirt hidden - shows just the right amount of classic chest hair.

I find after about 25 washes, they're starting to turn grey - but I don't think I've found one that doesn't. Did not count how many washes before they turned grey, but it's been about 3-4 months, average about 1 wear per week. They're not super expensive either - around $12 for 6 - so once they turn grey and start to collect deodorant/sweat stains, I just pack them up and donate them to charity. I figure it's better than throwing them out - I let the charity decide if they want to clothe someone with my old stinky shirt or let them go cold!
Aviator - Ray Ban - i bought last year in some deal for around $55 .. what else i can ask for !!

This is a nice gift and i was appreciated a lot , now i can't find the same deal though :)
Awesome sunglasses!
These shorts are very comfortable, I am very pleased with them.
It is Best
will totally buy them again, just that I missed the size, I did buy XL and must likely L would have been fine, I could not return them because I was in an small trip to the US, but will buy again for sure.
Medallion was heavy and well polished. My husband was thrilled, until the clasp broke within 12 hours of wearing. Poor craftsmanship. Sell the medallion by itself to avoid poor reviews. The addition of the cheap necklace does not make for a better deal!
Perfect fit
Sunglasses broke apart and cracked in 10 different places after 2 weeks. Dont buy! Its like they are made of paper mach. Ridiculous
Never thought I could get so much in a slim wallet. Especially one that is RFID. As for me I had to carry less credit cards but that was o.k. as I rarely used them anyway. Even though I have a lot of cards in it, it is still thin and comfortable in my front pocket! I would buy another one if time and the elemints make it necessary.
I love this bag. It's not stiff at all and fits everything very well.
Gave to my 11 year old son for Christmas and he loves it! Great quality and chain is nice!
The mask doesnt fit very well at all. No matter how I place it, it will continuously block my vision and not allow me to look down at anything.
For the price, cant get any better
Nice product!
It's okay. It's way too wide in the middle section to be a true large and it's short. For lack of better words the size should be considered "large beer belly". I can't wear it to fancy events but I'll wear it to get dirty in.
Cute, but I wear it as an ankle bracelet. It had an awkward arm fit for me.
Well fitting, comfortable jeans.
Too big for someone with a smaller frame/head. Will not stay over mouth and nose. Material seemed comfortable.
A little to big around the waist fit better after we washed them. But so cute for sure
Order was already taken care of... Warehouse messed out the items and I was sent a metal /plastic water bottle instead. All is good now. I had returned it last month. Thanks.
Ray-Ban is Ray-Ban
Just as expected
Happy with itÉlastiquée-Étendue