My son loved the style for the price. The material is comfy. Nice colors.
Love it !!! I hate big, bulky wallets so this is perfect for me. It's small and yet I carry about 4 credit cards and my license in it as well as a small amount of cash and they all fit comfortably.
Very Cute
This beanie fits nice and it is extremely warm. Very stylish too.
Great color, perfect fit.
Love it!! I got the blue. Big purse is perfect size for my wallet, book, planner, etc.

Im on a tight a budget right now and cant believe I found this cute purse with the 3 bonus purses at a great price :)
Keeps the husband's feet and my feet nice and warm. He's a size 10.5 mens and I'm size 5.5 womens but for some reason we can both comfortably wear them! If you don't have large ankles/calves this stays up fine. I noticed others were complaining but I haven't noticed them slipping.
The colors & quality is fine, size is huge.
Got a medium for my 5'5 155lb husband,
He was swimming in it.
He's not fat nor slim, but a bit pudgy, bit of belly.
My husband needed a suit to stay dry while walking and working around the house. This is NOT a rain suit to be handled roughly... it will rip on anything sharp so if you are hunting in sticker bushes or barbed wire fencing is near... don't be surprised if it rips. If you need a rain suit as a coach or for taking out trash, etc. this is FANTASTIC and will keep you dry! I bought the large and my husband usually wears a large... it is nice and roomy and would allow for a loose fit or a sweatshirt underneath! The XL would have been way too big!
Ive had this wallet for a little over a week. Off the bat it was a little bigger then some money clip wallets Ive seen but I didnt mind. It fits my cards nicely and easy to get them in and out. The clip is strong and Ive had no issues at all.. I like this wallet and will recommend it.
so good
Belt is stretchable and lightweight material. Will not last very long before it breaks or tears.
I get so many compliments on this necklace. Its simple, stylish, and the best part is it doesnt make your skin green! Its a must have.
i really love them
Bought for my husband. Good quality for the price.
I purchased this as a gift. This wallet looks and feels premium. It has a very slim profile. Is it worth almost $100? Thats debatable. But price aside I recommend this wallet.
I have used many types of socks over the years. For the cost they work great, are comfortable plus make long days on your feet wonderful.
I brought the large size. It has a snug fit. I use it to exercise, sometimes it rolls up which is a minor flaw. Overall it makes me look slimmer.
I purchased this wallet almost 2 years ago. It was so pretty and I cherished it in the box not willing to use it. One day later, I opened the button again and found out the sewing part start to tearing apart and it is getting worse and worse. I wish I could return it.
My family absolutely loves these Face shields... son uses the smoke skull on his face and neck to block the cold.
I love the fall skull combination the gold tones are beautiful on me. I wear it as a skull.. and Husbae uses the two faced one for the weird looks when coming home at night no one bothers him.
Still have 2 more to rotate. They are fun and multipurpose.
Just what I was looking for in a small bag. Good quality
What a great little crossbody. I go to a lot of sporting events and hate the bag check thing.
This little purse holds my phone, credit cards, cash, lipstick, and my glasses. It also gets me through the security check faster because it can't hide anything! Great value!
Save your money! Brought this wallet from Bellroys website and while I enjoyed the design of the wallet (the fact it held all my cards and was still slim) it was not forth $80. The leather was cheap and the stitching was not good quality. I feel like I could have bought a wallet at my local superstore for the same amount of quality... if not better. To top all that off they sent my order to the wrong address, so instead of receiving it in 1 week it took 3 weeks to get to me. Very disappointed.
I got these for my husband and he absolutely loved them! He also loved the feature that they have a slight give/stretch.
This is great for travel! The main zipper is on the back, so it limits pick-pocketing.
Pretty sweet wallet. Very slim. Love the money clip. Makes the wallet feel slimmer when you fold it.
Great pair of glasses. I think this is the best I have had so far and I like how they have the carry case and the bag you can put them in also something more expensive glasses would have. They arent too dark and they dont mess with my eyes so I am enjoying them so far.
Bought this for my son. He's very happy with the look and the size.
The robe fits as expected, washes extremely well & dries quickly, fabric is comfortable to wear and one I would purchase again.