Nice lightweight hat for outdoor activities
good undershirts but they are so thin they don't work as a stand alone shirt.
Great item and price point
I have a 24" head and this hat fits somewhat loose, but comfortable, in a good way. The hat feels like a hard plastic, which I find somewhat misleading seeing as how it is advertised as a cotton hat. The blend is 55 cotton 45 polyester, so that's probably why. All in all a good hat for now, just got it, I will try and update this after I spend a week at the beach with it in July. The cord is very stiff also, I took it off for now.
My husband loves this. Stops his keys from stabbing him in the leg, and tearing holes in his pockets. We bought a bottle opener accessory which barely worked, but the KeySmart itself is a great organizer!
The only belt that I found that fits my needs. There were times that my belt could not be undone as quick as it needed to be. The click belt releases quickly. Nice that I found a belt that I feel comfortable wearing.
Really like this wallet, very roomy and sturdy. So many slots for cards!!
Super comfortable...great coverage. And really cute to boot!
Perfect gift
I ordered the 5xl, hoping for an oversized fit to leave me room for layering while still being comfortable. The neck and sleeves are snug, so depending on how I layer, it could be uncomfortable for me. The waist length is also shorter than I would expect with a 5xl, there is plenty of girth, just not very much length. Overall, it's fine for the price I paid, but I'm a little disappointed. If it shrinks at all, it's going to be more snug than I will feel comfortable wearing so I might not get as much use out of it as I had hoped to during the cooler weather.
Way over priced and not really one size fits all...
Love the shades.
Love it .this leather wallet is so beautifully made,elegant,that what I needed.
Buying these shirts for years. Long lasting and durable. No complaints
It is a nice looking quality belt but is sowhat wider than I exp-ected.

John F. Hemphill
Love it.
I wish these boxers were a little longer, but they feel great. Also, I would wish for more design options. Where are the five packs of Simpsons boxers? The build quality is nice, I expect to have them for a while. The price point is also very attractive. Good product.
Loads of compliments. Color is spot on. Will definitely purchase more on other colors.
So far so good...could be better....I guess it is better than nothing
Best work shirt
Good quality
Hankies were as advertised, were a bit wrinkled after first wash, but just fine for snot catcher rags folded up in a back pocket!! Would have liked them to be a bit thicker or heavier material but they don't list thread count... so it is what it is!!
superb comfort and fit. Not too tight, doesn't compromise the goods......
Easy travel bag very convenient
I needed something to hold my skinny jeans and jeggings up but a belt just wasn't cutting it. These suspenders are great!! They hold the back of my jeans up perfectly and I can wear the clasps on the front loops or the side loops of my jeans depending on the shirt or if I'm trying to hide them. LOVE THEM!!
So far so good - holds up well so far :)
It feels comfortable and hasn't shown any wear or untowards stretching for the last month of usage - so as suspenders go this one works for me just fine.

Update 5 months later - still going strong, has become a habit to wear.this as i really appreciate the support.

Highly recommended
I love it .It fits everything and more.
I needed a large cross body bag for work and general travel. This bag is a bit smaller than the bag I'm used to, but I imagine it will work. Craftsmanship appears to be solid, it's real leather. I am planning to treat it with neatsfoot oil to waterproof it and darken the leather a little. Great bag! Very pretty and I imagine it will hold up to regular use. If anything goes wrong with it, it will be the fittings (as that's what always breaks first), but this bag might be worth repair if that happens. So some things that some reviewers failed to mention: The buckles on the bag are decorative or can be used to extend the pocket thickness! There are snaps on the front two pockets, and a clasp on the main compartment. So the reviews that say you have to buckle and unbuckle things are wrong. You only have to adjust the buckles for thickness of what you're carrying. Once you do that, you can leave the buckles alone. The back has a zippered compartment. It's very roomy. Great for people who have to carry lots of crap on a daily basis.

UPDATE: Added before oiling and after oiling so you can see how giving the leather some moisture not only deepens the color, but makes the bag softer. I did not use neatsfoot oil like I originally thought I would. Instead I used Doc Martins Leather Balsam and a little bit of olive oil. I oiled the complete bag, let it sit for 24 hours, wiped it down with a dry cloth really good, then filled it up! It looks gorgeous!
A exelente product