Does just what I needed.
Wallet was better than expected. When I received it, was in a sharp looking box. Very crisp, this is a great product exceeded my expectations. Lots of places for cards not big and bulky. I carry mostly plastic anyway. Unless I'm going to the city. You won't be disappointed if you purchase this product. Keep up the good work Travando
Great quality and amazing price
It's the same Levis product in slightly cheaper price. Good quality fabric and fits very well.
This is good for taking towels and clothes to the beach but not so good as a handbag. Material is very thin.
Product is great. However, there is too much excess material at the bottom. Item details were foggy when it came to purchasing one that is below the belt
great belt, well made, exactly as advertised. sturdy belt buckle
Perfect bag. I love the crossbody style with the extra pocket on the front. Its a great product and is quality product for the price. I will definitely buy another one.
The shorts fit perfectly and look great. Wore them for multiple days while on vacation. I will be buying more. Definitely recommend.
These are some of the best shorts I have ever purchased "sight unseen" ("fit untried?"). As described, they fit perfectly based on the size recommendations, though some may find them on the slightly more snug or maybe just "European" cut. The 7-inch inseam was one the biggest motivators for getting these shorts since they stay above the knee and don't interfere with activities. They almost feel like diver or safari shorts.

The only downsides I see are that the material is basically just fashionable material and not designed for extensive, outdoor use, likely fading and wearing down with time more quickly than, say, Dockers. If they were 100% cotton or some sort of cotton blend that strengthens them rather than gives them stretch (ripstop of these would be ideal), I would give these shorts 5 stars.

I would also like to point out how primitive it feels to go from a short like the Dockers "The Perfect Short" (D3) to these when the Dockers have a media pocket on the right side for a cell phone. I honestly do not understand how clothing companies can justify NOT adding media pockets to their clothing, but what do I know? If these shorts had a media pocket (and they really should have one!), I would likewise give it a 5 out of 5.

As it stands, I may buy another pair of these shorts again, but I more likely to simply continue using Dockers' "Perfect Short" and simply have them hemmed to my desired length.

Beautiful bag. Great quality and finish. No snags or splinters as I've experienced with other bamboo/wooden accessories. The package also came carefully wrapped, with a dust cover, scarf and thank you card. Happy to shop other products by this vendor.
Item exactly as pictured.
This is my first ratcheting belt, and I'm not disappointed at all! It holds just as tight as I set it, and doesn't move until I want it to.
For the price good everyday shirts.
Amazing product
Im very allergic to earrings. Like I cannot wear 14k or 24k gold even. I ordered these to try since they were both nickel and Lead free. My ears did not swell or bleed or affect my hearing. I cant wait to wear them again. I recommend for sensitive ears.
Too small
The lightining does not do justice but it sparkles like fire in perfect lighting and even in dark just like real dimonds.Clarity and color is flawless and put it next to a VVS 1 quality dimond solitaire and you would not know the difference. The gold band and setting is pretty sturdy compared to other Moissainite rings i brought to compare and returned them just because of lack of gold used to have a great setting and priced twice ass much. Certification was included as promised
My husband recently lost over 200 lbs, and all his pant needed to be replaced. These sweatpant are wonderful fit for him. The pockets are deep. We have them in multiple colors.
Beautiful bracelet.
Very solid feeling glasses, fit is perfect and lense color is amazing.. The pouch that it comes with is sleek and very well made..
These are great multi hoop hole fillers. I love them
Its smaller that expected. Its light weight. The color is as shown and good for what I wanted.
It has enough pockets and holds all my things.
Overall I think the Dickies have a poor fit. I always have to go big because the crotch area is always tight.. They fit me like skinny jeans and I don't like skinny jeans. The only Dickies that really fit are the comfort fit pleated work pants but they don't carry shorts in comfort fit pleated. Other than those problems this shipment was quick.
Cheaply made, underwear tore after one wash, these may not be authentic
Husband said these are great boxers. He's kind of picky because some brands have uncomfortable waistbands, but he said these are comfortable. A litter cheaper than his usual Hanes, so that's a plus.
I love creeping people out at my job by telling them I wear boxes. They always tell me "TO MUCH INFORMATION"

Like seriously? What's the big deal? If I was some hot guy, they would all be like "OOOOH!!!! AHHHHH!!" but if yer an ugly nerdy dude they are all freaked out n stuff. TEEHEE!!

When you just want dirt cheap boxers, and don't give 2 poops what anyone thinks... give these hanes a try! I don't chaff like I used to in briefs, very happy I made the switch.
Nice necklace
Very nice and cute
I love this Handbag. The color is perfect and it has ample space inside for all your needs. Shipping was great and I would recommend this Seller and I will be ordering another color of this handbag soon.
Good product, good material, rides up sometimeséen-américain-Pantalon-Longueur-Cheville