Ok, for what you pay for this purse it has blown me away! First I get compliments on it literally every day. Second, its avtually really well made and has held up to my heavy crap for over a month way better than I expected for the price! Lastly, holy cow does it fit a lot! Ive bought two nicer purses since I got this (mainly because I originally didnt expect it to hold up so well) and every time I take out my crap from this one (which isnt crammed in at all, I have room to spare) Ive been disappointed in how I have to cram everything into the new ones, both of which were bigger than this one. The reason? Its not the magic sisterhood of the traveling purse, its designed well and efficiently so it makes the most out of every inch. Bonus! It stands on its own which is a game changer for this style purse in my opinion. Second bonus! The amount of color options are endless! Part of me wants to buy it in every color but the other part likes the surprise people have when I tell them I only paid $20 on amazon for it! Most think its Kate Spade and not even from afar, up close! The quality is that good. Im really impressed with this little purse and highly recommend it!!!
Have worn this for volleyball and they do the job. The white and blue running socks feel better. The running socks last a long time, but this may not as they are already shedding material.
These are fairly inexpensive and appeared like they'd be good ... but after washing ... lots of shrinkage, thin, poorly sewn, and they curled on the edges. I've had my old hankies for 10 years ... bet these won't make it 1 year without falling apart.
I love this purse and the color of this purse. I just wish I could get one with all the same features but a little bit smaller.
Great value, love the lining, good size. I'm thinking of getting more in other colors.
Absolutely love it!!!! Its fits my iPhone 7plus perfectly. Love the color and the strap. I even have room for my coupons.
This purse fell apart within the first 2 months of use. Attractive looking, but the strap broke..the leather just fell apart and next the purse started pulling apart. Unfortunate that it feel apart after the window to return.
I like this style, but they have a problem they could fix easily. The belt loops on either side eventually come loose because they are not sewed through a pocket or something that gives multiple thicknesses of material. Some of their other styles do this.
I have always wanted some boxer briefs that were a little longer, these are perfect. I have since bought two more packs.
Very comfortable
Finally found a replacement for my Dockers! I've tried every brand I can think of and none compared to Dockers, but I needed some new briefs. I tried cheaper ones, FOTL and Hanes, both had poor fit, material, and workmanship. I tried Ralph Lauren, they are made in Thailand, Sri Lanka, China and sizes were all over the board depending on where they were made. I tried Jockey, strange fit and design. MacBros didn't like the pouch. I tried Tommy John, Mack Weldon, but unless you are are 20ish year old model these won't fit you comfortably. I almost settled with Gildan, but needed to buy a size larger because they run small. At last, I stumbled upon these Amazon Essentials, ordered, and they fit great, are comfortable, nice soft material, and look great too. Waistband is flexible, no big logos, look great, and no tags to bother you.
Love it...
Love love love these! Super stylish and the green color was spot on!!!
many defect holes in fabric......
The fabric seems ok, but the size it enormous - the only thing I can do with it is to use it as a headband or really just to protect your neck. If you're thinking of protecting your face with it (which is what I was looking for and this came high in the search results), the only way to do it is to use something to hold it in place, which isn't practical. Don't buy if you're looking for a face cover.
Nice shirt. Larger than expected. Collars very very loose.
The waistband really does suck! It's rough and scratchy. Had hoped to wear these as sleep shorts but they are not at all comfortable. These must be worn with a shirt tucked in.
The material was not good at all. Not soft at all, and stretched out very easily without returning to its normal shape.
I purchase this wallet because I was tired of carrying a bulky leather wallet. I don't really carry much cash on me, so I wanted something that would mainly carry my cards.

This thing is awesome! I love the metal design. It came with two bands. One for just a few cards, and another for "high capacity".

I'm carrying 16-17 cards and a few dollars. It works wonderfully. Nothing slips out but it's not too tight to where you can't get anything out.

I definitely recommend it!
Very cute cowboy hat but like other have said you dont ship a cowboy hat in a shipping bag! It was smashed a little but was able to straighten it out.
I wore them only once before losing them in uber. Best thing was uber was charging me more to get them back, than the actual price of it. So I let them go. I did liked wearing this colourful one.
This shirt looks and fits great. The problem is with the POCKETS. I can't even fit my entire hands in the side pockets and anything I put in the pockets
falls out very easily. The top pockets are almost up to my neck and they are also to shallow to be of much use. I can barely button them over a pair
of sunglasses and if I lean over slightly everything falls out.
They are very comfortable and work well to prevent slipping. They appear durable and I assume they will last a long time, but I've only had them a few days so I can't really speak to that yet.
Carhartt is always going to fit one size bigger then normal. Just keep that in mind.
The perfect gift for a nurse or doctor.
Authentic and arrived quickly.
Nice looking rugged pants
These pants are way smaller than other brands by like 2.sizes I'm a bigger guy but my Bauer warm up pants are xl.and for fine go with Bauer
This bag was inexpensive and is very high quality. It was large enough for me to carry anything I needed during the game as well as items for my 3 friends. The cross body strap is very secure and the bag is made well. I liked the clasp over other bags with snap closure because I could pack it full and it still sealed securely. I even had a drink spilled on me and everything in the bag kept dry :) great purchase and highly recommend
very cute