I bought 8 pairs of these shorts for my spring/summer workouts. I have large quads and a bubble butt, so I wasn't sure if they would fit. It is a challenge for me to find workout shorts that fit well and look flattering for my body type (5'8" tall, 195 lbs., 32" waist, 29" inseam, 43" chest).

I am very happy with my purchase. I have been working out while wearing them for almost a week and they perform exactly as I need. They are comfortable and the length allows for freedom of movement without bunching up on my inner thighs, as most athletic shorts do. It is still cold here so I have been wearing compression tights under them and the inner lining hasn't been uncomfortable at all.

The best thing, though, is I am getting many more compliments on my legs now that they aren't covered by knee length athletic shorts.
Love it. Bought this for from grandson who is 8. He loves it! It is such a grownup-like watch. I Ive the black face with the silver numerals. The band is very, very durable and the watch keeps the time accurately.
I loved this bag! It has many pockets and it has a perfect size.
All handles snapped
Days after receiving the chain has come apart. Very disappointing. My daughter is so upset.
Great quality for a great price!
Perfect size for me, and Ive been using it for several months and the quality and durability has been great so far.
this is a very good price with a great wallet. some down sides are how tight some parts are like the coin pocket. be careful with the little tassel and zipper or anything that looks metal because its actually plastic, except the zip. overall, its really good.
Hard size to find. Great Levi quality easy fast great!!!
My main complaint is that the legs are different lengths on the same pair of pants! And the are not returnable!!
nice and comfy
This came with glue all over it when first received. Once I got all of that off it was a very cute wallet and was far big enough to hold everything however Ive had it for a month or more now and the magnatic piece ripped off so I was fairly disappointed considering the amount of money I paid for it. Wouldnt recommend if you use you wallet often because opening often seems to put stress on that piece and it breaks off. Also the pockets for the cards are almost two narrow and its very difficult to pull any of the cards out.
great product
My husband is going to like wearing this to work to see if they notice what it is he is wearing
A good fit!
Nice little wallet, held everything that needed to be held.
Great hooded sweatshirt and the Carhartt name on the sleeve tops it off! Our son-in-law loves the shirt.
Great socks! Wear them all the time!
A little baggy, good length but definitely a little baggy.
These are pathetically thin, i searched really hard for these socks because I bought them out of a walmart a long while ago and they were fantastic quality, when i finally was able to find them and order them, they came looking hilariously different. Super thin, dont stretch all the way like good elastic does (you can stretch them open and feel a restriction as if something is going to snap)

ive seen too many other reviews with people observing the fact amazon and their sellers clearly get inferior products to resell. its upsetting, because if they didnt, this website would flourish twice as more, not just the bare minimum profit of confusing people and ripping them off.

TL;DR - These socks be fake my boy
Hat is great and fit perfectly.
Awesome quality at awesome price. They look and feel great and are perfect for driving. FaceID on the iPhone X still works with these on.

Amendment 3 weeks later:
They broke under normal use :(
Beautiful! Light weight and comfortable! Great value for the price
I like the white one. It's neat looking and can be worn with any color of shirts. Just perfect for this warm weather.
Phenomenal glasses. Simply the best.
Quality wallet for the price that does everything I need it to. Holds all 5 of my cards comfortably and has enough room for a spare bill or three. Might also be worth mentioning that it takes breaking in the wallet to allow for all of the advertised amount cards to fit and come out without strain. It's leather keep in mind.
Fabric somewhat rough but very good anyway.
Great quality. Perfect fit for me. Does not shrink after hot wash and hot dry.
Incredible quality. The sewing and the materials are out of this age. Perhaps back when Betsy Ross was sewing the first American flag, women vied to make sewn items perfect. GearTOP's Balaclava has no loose threads, no monkey tails of twisted threads; it's capital-C Clean finished. Patricia of GearTOP is conscientious to perfection and sees to it that her cusomers are satisfied to the popint of wanting more GearTOP products.

The material is also remarkable, warm with a caressing handfeel. Patricia is going to build another Northface. Keep it up, Patricia!