Excellent quality! Glad I purchased it, I can't wait to wear this keffiyeh! Heavy weight material, more tightly woven, more colorful, surprisingly light yet easy to wear and provides good insulation.
The polarization on the sunglasses is fantastic. The fit is perfect on my normal sized head, it fits snug and you can lean over and sunglasses stay perfect on your face
Good deal
Beautiful product, decent quality. The tint is nice and they block the sun well. And for this price, they are affordable.
While people really overrate how important RFID blocking really is, it is nice to know it does work on this wallet. I have had the wallet for a while now and it has held up very well. Lots of compartments for credit cards and such, too.
light weight fabric ; nice fit for a large guy
Awesome! My 9 year old daughter used it for a photo shoot & it looked fantastic on her!!
Love it, looks good feels good, a bit sweaty on warm days but Im in Florida thats pretty standard here.
Todo bien
Bought for my husband birthday come right on time he loved it
Beautiful purse!!!!! Very spacious for a cross body bag!
Finally found socks that are actual tube socks!! I will say I am hard on socks and the big toe area will get a hole rather quickly, but have sewn them back.
High quality compression shirt. Low neck cut means can wear with almost any shirt and you can't see it underneath. Perfect for wearing under dress shirts.
Advertised as a child mask and it is NOT for a child. It is for a MAN and not even a woman unless you have a very large head. Length of mask is also too long.
Wow! These are great. Very lightweight. Good clear vision quality. Much better than Mr. Jims. Vastly superior price.

Buy it!
This is a gift. But the series has already been seen.
As I expected
Really like them.
The color was not as described at all. On the picture it is a light navy blue and the pants are almost black. I bought them specifically to match a certain color and now I have no pants because even if I return them I wont be able to get the correct pants in time for the event.
Received empty package
Saved a lot of money on this high quality charm bracket..
My shoe size is 11.5, and the foot part of the size 12-16 sock barely fits me. The real problem is that the stretch top is so tight that I might have to have my foot amputated if I wear them too long. I don't know if I'll get any use out of them. I could cut them off and make ankle socks out of them, but I've done that so often that I don't need anymore ankle socks. The same problem with all the socks. Everything they make is crud now. If I could find a decent sock, I would buy several hundreds of them. The people who write 5 star reviews are women with size 8 feet. If any man with large feet has found a good sock, please tell me what it is. My gratitude will provide an aura of Karmic bliss around you for all eternity.
Normal clock face is black letter with grey background, not as advertised as in this picture. This is my major let down.

Setting time and timers are not very intuitive, but then you get for what you paid.
Fits perfect. Will purchase again