Love these! They were a gift to my husband for Valentines Day.
I like the cut, and they way it looks, but I ended up not wearing them because the material is so thick. It has to be very cold indeed before I want something like this. It's just not suitable for lounging around the house, unless you keep it about 55 F.
GREAT tote bag, I can see everything well and it has a lot of room without feeling or looking to large.
This face/neck scarf is great! I used it for three hours straight this morning to do work around the yard. It kept me cool in 100-degree sunshine and still breathable while filtering out dust. Very reasonably priced and is exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend it!
The hat looked pretty much as advertised, but in person it looked cheap. The materiel felt very "plasticy". Just wasn't something I wanted to wear. Maybe I missed in the ad that it was only 60% cotton (and 40% polyester).
Was disappointed it's not the same one that I ordered.. very sad!!
it's big enough to fit what i need yet small enough that it doesn't feel like it's purse. the material has a very nice feel and i have no problems with the snaps. i was concerned about it due to some reviews saying that it was difficult to close or get the cards in/out. the snap inside is on a "tab" so if you flip it up it gives you clear access to your cards. As far as the RFID blocking, i have no way to test it so i can only hope that it's doing its job.

my only complaint/dislike is that the plastic on the "3 clear slots for ID/Driver License/Picture" is frosted and not clear.
fits just right
Do not look to be great quality. Gift for child. One earring and a few backs were broken.
great sweatshirt!!! love how this brand fits and the fact it comes in 2xlt is amazing!!!!
Excellent shirts!
I love it! thank you!
in the corner the purse looks peel off
Hey glasses are great. Use them for driving
great purchase
Excellent product
Great fit and durable
Holds so much on week end trips!!
Great socks but a bit small if you wear 11 or 12
Yo finally got me some shorts. Covid causing problems?? Buy these and feel the breeze
Very pretty
Fast service
I wear it for work to keep out of sun. I've already had skin cancer twice. This is a good wide brimmed hat and shields your entire face and neck. It's exactly what I was looking for. The fit is good and it seems like it will hold up pretty well. I like it.
My husband says great fit, super comfy. I'll be ordering more for him.
I have been using these suspenders for a week now. They fit great, are easy to adjust and are comfortable to wear.
Love these. They have stayed in my daughters ears for 2 months now. She would pull out the regular backs. After she figured out these are not coming off like the other ones, she leaves them alone!!!
My husband loves these shirts!