It would be nice if you could order a different size from the top and the bottom
Its like a seatbelt for your belt
The Cell Phone compartment was too short for my phone. I have the Samsung Note 8 with the thin Otter Box case. It fit in the pocket but it wouldn't snap shut. If the snap would be in a different place it would have worked. It would have been better if the pocket was the same height as the entire purse. I did like it just didn't work for me. Had to return it.
It was in perfect condition
Good quality for the money.
After numerous reviews of these sunglasses, I decided to purchase for an upcoming vacation. All I can say is PERFECTION. These sunglasses are super high quality - well made and designed. (No cheap, flimsy imitations here.) The competitive price makes it worth it.
Great wallet. I have had a different slim front wallet for a number of years. However I felt I could have used more slots for travel receipts or other cards. This wallet meets those needs. I will be looking forward to see how long it lasts.
ok the shape is a little odd for me
These caps are amazing for the price. I will be ordering a lot more!
My girlfriend loves this bag. She was a firm 'wallet only' gal until I grabbed this bag for her, and now it never leaves her side! There's plenty of room for all of the contents of her wallet as well as her phone, keys, and a small battery pack.
great for walking on treadmill
The cotton fabric gets thinner and thinner every year. Still good shirts, though. Very long in the body.
Perfect for my 3 year old! Thanks!!
First thing I noticed about the packaging was the weight. Not heavy but more of a "Solid" weight.

The box that this wallet arrives in is elegant, simplistic and sophisticated. A small magnet hidden under a pleather outer fabric holds the lid shut. Upon lifting the lid you are met with a nice velvet/suede material that creates a smooth and soft interior. On top is the wallet w/ leather case wrapped in a protective parchment paper. Underneath the wallet, you are greeted to a leather swatch stating "Made with Genuine Leather" and two money bands.

The money bands are well designed with durable elastic and strong stitching. At the center is a metal laser cut emblem of the letter "F". This is a nice touch should you choose to not use the leather case and go with the "naked" wallet. It keeps the modern and minimalistic image but all the functionality.

The leather case is very nice and fits snugly over the wallet. It is smooth to the touch and very durable. You can expect to get markings on this case if it is in the same pocket as your keys. They do have badging in the lower right front corner of their name. Subdued and smooth as well. It doesn't distract from the aesthetics of the case

The wallet (metal portion) fits perfect in your hand. The edges are not too sharp or rounded. You shouldn't have to worry about it scraping or cutting up your hand nor slipping out and falling to the ground. The lever is a slide lever. I like this better than the pull levers of similar wallets by different companies. This almost negates the chance of it accidentally extending your cards. At first, the lever was a little stiff but I chalk that up to being new. I tried 6 cards and it worked fine but did take a little more "umph" than expected. I removed on card leaving 5 in there and the lever was smooth as melted butter. There was still an initial resistance on the lever but once past that it glides nicely. I can't help but think that this is part of the design to further protect your cards from randomly ejecting out.

I will return 6 months from now to provide an updated rating.
For the price, this is quality at it's finest.
More beautiful then the picture they have fits love love the ring ... love it bc its also thin and lightweight...
These are great pants. They do run long but thats no problem for my husband. The seams are sewn well. The fabric is of good quality. I washed and dried them with no apparent shrinkage. A great value for the price.
Porque no me llega mi ren bolso
Very attractive and well made.
Fits great, feels nice. I would buy these again.
Got perfect and comfortable to work all day in.
Not at all comfortable and they shrink. Now of the 3 pair I bought none fits
i love this smaller sized wallet. it holds about 5 to 6 credit cards, i never carry much cash but I've had a decent amount of cash several times & it handles that well. i highly recommend it if smaller wallets are your thing.
I have been buying these very undershirts for sometime now. Amazon - as usual - has the best prices too.
Amazon also makes buying these and many other underclothing items a fail-safe purchase thanks to their free-return offer.

The Medium size (showing 'MMM' on the undershirt) feels very good against your skin. It stretches nicely to fit
your body and probably are best for the more fit/athletic shaped guys at least in the Medium size I get.

Shipping as always for Prime members was fast and I got them in 2 days. Do note that they tend to be on the long side
where the Medium size is 34" long out of the box. It does shrink a little after a couple of washes, but being thin fabric it
will rise some when you wear it and not really remain the full 34" inches down.
This is a perfect hat to take on vacation to a sunny place. Packs easily, reshapes well and is an all around good looking and durable hat. I wore it for 10 days straight in Mexico in and out of the pool and the ocean, and have no complaints. The price is great so you don't have to worry about beating it up on a trip. I will definitely use the brand again and again.
Perfect gift for graduation
Ok I know it's odd to be addicted to these things, but I have 2 sets of keys on 2 different KeySmarts. I also have a guest set of keys on a keysmart. I gave one as a gift also, you will learn to love them instantly!
I like my Lacoste polo shirts, I love Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirts (these are stronger and thicker, meaning they do look better). These compete with newer GAP's and to a certain extent with Lacost in quality. I would choose Amazon's any time!!! (except for Polo)
Great for golf and everyday wear
Not that good for running because I sweat a lot from my feet.
Other then that great quality for price.
Its super cute and made with quality materials