I've owned this belt for over 3 1/2 years now and it's a sturdy and stiff (that's a good thing as it makes threading it through belt loops easier) as the day it came out of the package. I'm really amazed how little wear it has shown, especially since I wear it nearly every day. Super easy to tighten or loosen and since there are no notches, it's infinitely adjustable. It may be too casual for formal wear but it's fine for everything else. My only minor knock is that the elastic belt loop on the belt (for keeping the free end from flapping around) is not anchored to the belt. So you need to learn to hold it in place when you remove the belt, else it will come off the belt as you pull the belt out of the pant belt loops. I do it without thinking now. Great belt to wear when traveling as it's lightweight and can be worn through metal detectors.
The Travando Money Clip Wallet is very slim, yet easily holds credit cards, Id cards, insurance cards and my drviers license. I especially like the craftsmanship and the removable money clip. I have gone through several different wallets of this type, but this is by far the best. It also provides protection for my credit and debit cards. I highly recommend it.
I got this bag not too long ago. Ive use it a total of two times and the front is already pealing.
It pretty bag
Very happy with my purchase. The fit was great.
Love the ease and comfort
Great travel bag! Light-weight and easy to manage with carry-on luggage!
Sold product, keeps my pants up
Great belt. Easy to trim for desired size. Locking mechanism works great. Very good looking, Will see how it holds on with age, but love it so far.
Product is as advertised....
Durable wallet. Wallet has multiple slots for credit cards (each will hold more than one card; however, there is no place to hold paper money. Money will need to be folded multiple times to fit and will also reduce the amount of space for cards. Hindsight, would have picked a different hard shell wallet, taking paper money into consideration.
Love it easy to carry
I ordered a pair that came defective, but the seller Eyesave contacted me immediately and offered to replace the deffective pair for a new pair and included a nice discount for the trouble. The new pair came free of defects! Very pleased with the seller.
Very satisfied.
At first, this seemed like the perfect belt. BUT, after a few weeks, it failed, spectacularly, buckle detaching from the leather), SIX TIMES while I was on a boat. Had to buy another belt while aboard, at an exorbitant price.

It failed again, yesterday and today.

I like the looks of this wallet and especially the color, and all the spaces for cards and your license. The only thing I had a problem with was the slots for your cards were hard to use. I had alot trouble pulling my cards out, I do like the wallet so I'm going to keep it and hope they will stretch out a little in time.
The fabric is a nice medium to heavy weight. The shirts have been washed numerous times now and have not faded. They may have shrunk a little but overall stayed in shape, look bright and I feel like I will buy the product again.
Really? No more hassles with clips unclipping at inappropriate times! Genius design. If anything, I would like a bit smaller clip, but this one does the trick! Thank you!
Love them!!! Different sizes for different events... Large fits a chromebook and everyday needs. Great quality and the smaller purse is perfect for on the go!!
Nice an light quick drying
Very cute ring for the price!
Fits well
Even after pinching the earring as instructed it would not stay in the same location. It would just droop of my ear.
Great value for shipping
These pants are so very very very comfortable and at the price, a steal and a half
My husband loves this belt. Made me buy him a second one. And looks nice too.
they do what I needed. shrunk a bit in the first wash
This handbag is gorgeous! It arrived on time and was packaged really nice. It has a real leather feel and is sleek and stylish. The charms included also dress it up. I love the color scheme! If I had one critique, I would say that it is a bit small for my taste, but that is only because I like a big handbag. This purse will not disappoint you.
Comfortable and affordable, but boy do these socks shed!!! When I take these socks off after wearing them all workday, it takes me at least five extra minutes to remove fuzz between each toe, some fuzz ends up under the nail and on the sole of the foot. I can't wear them to bjj dojo because I was late to class several times, having to remove all this nonsense. Fuzz is still there after 2 inside out washes. Bummed
Feels like Im not wearing earrings