Got it for my friend for her birthday she loved it. Thinking about getting one for myself. Got the medium size. Zippers on the side unlike your regular top zippers and had a whole other compartment on the back with extra mini pockets (like a wallet/purse) its wonderful
Nice quality.
These are fantastic!! Solved the blinding headlights when I am driving in the carpool lane on the freeway. I also had a hard time making sure I stayed my lane because I could not see the lines and reflectors on the highway, these glasses resolved that!!! They fit right over my prescription glasses.
the ray bans were exactly as describe. looks small but fits perfectly. shades dark but people cant see your eyes
Really liked them but the first day I wore the medium size pair the latch on the back broke off as I was taking it off.
Great white t's
I fish tournaments rain or shine so having some good rain gear is a must. I almost went way more expensive because generally you get what you pay for, but this purchase paid off. I recently fished a 3 hr tournament in which it poured the whole time. Besides a minor area around the openings i was dry at the end. It's comfortable and light weight for those hot days.
I choosed a M and it look so big on my husband.
Good quality shirt but the fabric they use dies not stretch much and can make for an uncomfortable fit, I returned it. I ended up buying the nautica and king size brands and am happy.
Looks nice with more than just blues
I bought these for my dad who is a big guy and he loves them.
These are as good as the expense ones we were getting at te hospital supply store. They hold their elasticity well and wash well. I would recomend them to anyone
I liked the colors and the way the legs feel, they stay nice and tight around my legs all day.
I was hoping they would reduce the glare I have from lights during night driving but they really did nothing but change the colors of things. For me, they just didnt work!
Nice product, easier to breathe through and not as hot as other face coverings, however they are too loose for me (woman with a smaller face) to stay on well when I have it pulled over my nose - while shopping I keep having to adjust and pull it up. Fits fine for my husband who is average to slightly large, but would likely be too tight for a very large man. Seller was great, no problems!
The material is very rough and there is absolutely no give. They also run about a size small.
Super soft, arrived beautifully in a box, perfect for a gift!
ordered this charm for my woman as a graduation gift & she wears it everyday !
Should come with a letter of what this item represent. For gifts. But look nice my girlfriend love it.
I love these hats for playing soccer in the brutal Texas summer sun. Had one before but lost it and immediately bought another one. Works great to protect my head, doesn't fade, drys very quickly when wet, lightweight, adjustable, what more could you want?
These are great socks. They are just the right height for a pair of sneakers. The socks feel nice and keep my feet reasonably dry. Best of all, they're pretty darn durable.
Like it
This is a fantastic bag to carry your iPad and all your regular purse stuff. A bonus is that it can be worn cross-body and you also have your hands free! I used this bag on a two week vacation, so I know how handy and versatile it is. I get plenty of compliments on it's stylish look, too! I would definitely recommend this purse.
came in just 4 days and looks great! smells a little funky, but other than that it's really nice!
For the money, this can't be beat. Kind of wish it had a lining, and kind of wish the outer finish was more like a bomber jacket and less shiny, but I guess it's easier to clean this way. I bought this because I got tired of the straps on my Vera Bradley purses wearing out quickly. It has a decent amount of organization possibilities. I usually carry a water bottle with me, and since the leather is somewhat rigid, it helps the bottle stay upright, which I love. I have received several compliments on the bag. Recommended.
I sleep in these and they are soft and functional.
Good quality suit, just as advertised. My 11 month old who is 18.5lbs and 2'4" fits in it well. If it shrunk however I don't think it would still fit, so as the instructions say I didn't put it in the dryer.