Wish it was a drop larger
Not sure what to say here, especially about underwear. I guess,,,, comfortable and keeps everything in place?
Fit good
Love these hats, but same sizes can sometimes vary which can get annoying.
Very nice t shirts and pretty good quality.
The leather belt loop retainer broke off the last so be aware.
These are by far the best pair of underwear I have worn. I have tried many other brands but am completely satisfied with these. They are true to size, and are very durable. I prefer the 9-inch since they dont ride up even under the most strenuous circumstances. The only draw back Can be the price but you definitely get your moneys worth.
It's good quality and exactly as described. I'm happy to have it. thanks
Really nice quality! Would purchase again!
They look good, made with good material and have awesome clips. However, The fit seems a little sloppy, the back does not lay flat as expected all the time and the shoulder straps shift around a lot. Maybe after some more use and a little more adjustments, they will settle in and fit better. I sure hope so.
Exactly as described
It is cool it is spacious but Im broke
Good and sturdy.
Very pleased
What a great buy this was!
Simple, cheap, durable and comfortable
Comfortable, warm, great fit. Will buy again. Thanks!
Cant beat the price. Great quality!
Right size, just a little tight.
Great comfortable wear
I love this belt! I bought one at a local store and immediately found it to be better than the traditional belts. I always have a perfect fit and I can tighten or loosen the belt with ease.
This charm could not fit on a regular pandora bracelet. I could not use it.
I love Darn Tough socks. I have been wearing them for years and they last for years. The wool is super comfortable and definitely helps my feet not to stink. I had bought several pairs of Darn Tough socks for hiking and tried out the athletic socks. They are very comfortable and last. They fit as expected and look great. Great product!
I bought these comfortable boxers for a fall backpacking trip in Europe, mainly to save some weight and space in my bag. As luck would have it, my accomodation didn't have any clothes dryers. These boxers were completely dried overnight, even in the moist, 40 degree weather of the British Isles, whereas my normal boxers took the better part of a week to dry.
Uncomfortable .
Fit perfect- a little rider than I'd like
This belt is made of good quality, sturdy 1.5" webbing. It has a retainer band made of heavy elastic and the webbing end is hot knife cut to taper one edge and end. (pic 1) The plastic buckle seems sturdy and at i/2" thick is not bulky. (pic 2) Trimming to size is easy. Push the buckle back (pic 3) to release the teeth that holds the webbing. The webbing will now slide freely; I used a single edge razor to cut and a butane lighter to hot melt the end to prevent fraying. (pic 4)

Buckling the belt took a little getting used to. In order to slide the end through the buckle, the buckle must be moved to an angle so the locking teeth are out of the way. (pic 5) As I said, at first this was a bit awkward but I got used to it.

The belt looks good and seems it will last. I paid 11.99 for this belt and I'm happy with the purchase.
My favorite belt!
I've tried many of them. This is totally adjustable, sturdy, no metal to get through airports. The only belt I'll use from now on.