pet painting from photo

pet painting from photo

By Factory4me Team

“Factory4me” is an application for your Shopify store. After installation, you will have the following options:

  • Creating products with your own design right from Shopify admin
  • Ready-made templates with product descriptions, flexible price management.
  • Product branding

Using the application is absolutely free. You pay only for the goods ordered by your customers.

The necessary steps to work with our application:

  • Connect your Shopify Store, configure the method of payment orders, branding.
  • Create a product and publish it in your store.
  • After the sale, we automatically receive the order, produce it, brand it and send it to your buyer.

Start making money!

Your profit is the difference between the sale price on your site and our production price. For example, you sold a curtain in your store for $69. Also, the buyer paid for your delivery - $8.90. Total, your order worth $77.90. We will receive your order automatically and the production of curtains will cost $49, including shipping. Your profit will be $77.9 - $49 = $28.9

Create products with the author's design and increase sales, and we will take care of the production and delivery!

The 32X29 jeans I ordered were 36X29 even though the tags sewn into them said 32X29. If they are made in America they should be able to tell the difference between 32 inches and 36 inches
They are as advertised cool and comfortable
My wife and sister love these bags!
First, I want to agree with the other reviewers that this is a great little purse! It's cute, holds my iPhone X, gum, lipstick, money, and even more. Bonus for me is the gold hardware - love it. I bought it specifically to take to stadium events where they have size restrictions of what purses you can bring in, and can see also using this for when I travel or for quick errands Since I just received it, I can't speak to longevity, but I have one concern about the zipper on the front pocket. It's missing a "tooth" just as you go around the curve. It hitches slightly when I open and close that particular zipper. Other than that, great little bag!

Update 11/11/19: I've used this several times now for going to stadium events and it has been great. The missing tooth on the zipper does cause the zipper to catch or stick (unfortunately near a corner) so I don't stick things in there that I'll be needing to get to often.
I only wish I would have found this years ago. Sleek, yet keeps everything you should need in an easy to access way.
Logo on item received says NapaWalli not Toughergun as description and picture on website show. Otherwise it appears to be functional.
This is the best little wallet Ive ever had. It holds my license, three cards in the little slot and 5 more in the middle. There is also a place for cash. Fully loaded, it doesnt take up much room in my front pocket. The leather just feels like high quality stuff. Im most likely going to buy the wallet in the other styles for future use. Thanks for making such a great product at an affordable price!
Can't speak to the quality of the product. When I got the envelope on my doorstep there was no money clip inside it, just an obviously tampered with box.
My husband had no complaints about these shorts and they looked great on him. Great value. Attractive. Completely reccomend
Love these very cool shades
It was as advertised
I don't know how, but they did. Nasty garbage that feels like cheese cloth, even after being in the wash several times. I will never buy Fruit of the Loom anything ever again.
love this glasses..
Nice quality leather, very sleek and soft. Its a little larger then my last wallet, but nice over all.
This will be perfect for my upcoming wedding with an added touch of bling !!
Perfect as usual
lasted about 4 months before the elastic wore out in all of them
I thought this would be a nice school bag. It is more of a purse. Too small for a tote bag, I have had purses bigger than this bag. I could not fit a computer in it.
Very lite but strong
Bought basically these same underwear at a local retailer. Held these up next to the store pair, and they are cut slightly smaller and longer. They seem somewhat cheaper. Probably will not order these for my child again.
the plastic buckles are hard to work and if they were so great why send 2 buckles. Ordered a metal one as the belt itself is good
Its awesome it fits decent
Great pair of sunglasses!!!
Second purchase of this product...I like them!!!
I love it
Received them broken! Cheap, not worth the money
My son loves these. They are well worth the price. You can immediately tell the quality over his other major athletic brand socks.
Good tee's for the money. Fit just right.
Seems too good to be true that you can score six ties for $11, but you can! Really pleased with colors and designs.Éponge-Sortie-Blanc