canvas painting tools

canvas painting tools

By Factory4me Team

Some products can be personalized directly in your Shopify store. For example, name-customized curtains may have an additional "Name" field. Customers will enter a name in it, and we will automatically receive an order and produce curtains with a name that it needs. To get this opportunity, make small changes following our instructions.


canvas painting tools

Log in to your Shopify admin.

  1. Click on "Online Store"
  2. Then "Themes"
  3. Open menu "Action"
  4. Click on "Edit code"



canvas painting tools

  1. Find and click on the template "{ / } product. liquid" 
  2. Paste the code at the beginning of the file: 

    <link href="" id="f4m-css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" />

    <script src="" id="f4m-js"></script>

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="//">

  3. Click on "Save" to save the changes.




It was too small needed to returned it....
Nice and lightweight. Thanks
Really cute little bag -- and it is little. That's not the issue though. Seriously,what acid bath did they soak this leather in and for how long? It stinks. It smells really chemical-ee (if that is a word) and really bad. Really. Bad. Hopefully it will just take some time to air out and the smell will go away. Either that or it will kill me first. If you're odor sensitive, beware. If you'll do anything for fashion, this is your bag.
I got these for my son since he says that regular boxers didn't feel right. He has no complaint, and says they're great.
I used to design glasses and didnt like to wear anything that I didnt didnt design personally but I got to admit these are extremely well made. They even sent out the mini screwdriver in case the hinges get loose. I use them daily. No complaints at all. The temples are real carbonfiber which is one of my favorite features. The lens have AR coating which works great for driving or boating. The case is great material, as well as the microfiber cloth. Ill definitely buy other styles later on :)
I typically wear a much more expensive polo, but thought I'd try the Amazon Essential. Amazing quality at half the price for what I usually pay! I've been disappointed with the weight of brand name polos over the past several years. Not so with the Amazon essential. This polo is substantial with strong stitching and reinforcement at the neck and edges. While much more substantial than the more expensive versions, it is super-soft and extremely comfortable. I could not be more satisfied. The Amazon Essential cotton pique polo will now be my go-to for polos in the future.

Thanks, Amazon, for a truly superior product and for saving me a great deal of money while providing a perfect polo!!!
Good value for high quality.
Fit as expected
Have used it for about a week and love it. It fit everything I needed and love the wrist strap as I rarely carry a purse just my wallet.
the necklace is pretty good quality, kinda small but it still looks good. it took a while to arrive but that was to be expected
So far so good, just got them for Christmas, so not too sure about scratch resistance
They wear out a little faster than they used to but still buying them..
The belt is about 1" wide. WAY too wide to fit in my belt loops. Complete waste of money for me.
T shirt is way too large for size M, logo on the t shirt is very bad qaulity
Nice sturdy bag and holds a lot is items.
Beautiful handbag. I was disappointed when it arrived with the zipper sewn in wrong. I contacted the company and they replaced it immediately in a very respectful and courteous manner. I love this bag.
They are adorable and look just like they are pictured. My Sister-in-law loves them
My daughter in laws loved them
These are the cutest bathing suits for babies ever! I love them! They have a zipper in the back and buttons on the bottom which makes it very easy to put on. Highly recommend
Color & that it's analog
Baugh for my son, fits well, looks great.
Could not be better just a tiny tiny bit small
Very happy with this purchase. Quality is equal to the more pricey brands and the accessories are top notch.
So comfortable and trulely protects you. We wear them kayaking, SUP, and anything else outside in the sun.
lightweight, very breathable, durable construction. I have four in different colors for mt bike riding
Live them
Good price for good Quality. Very comfortable.
I always enjoy Haynes products... Great buy. Do not buy undershirts for price if you have been a Haynes customer. Buy them for quality!
Seemed a bit long. Other than that, ok. Even measured longer than the 28"